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Pandora Boxx is on the Prowl for “Missed Connections”

Pandora Boxx

Chiffon Dior: Hi Pandora! I’m excited that you haven’t gotten sick of talking to me yet. Aside from racking up the frequent flyer miles, how are you doing this evening?

Pandora Boxx: We probably have one or two more times chatting and then I’ll be done. Kidding. I’m doing well and of course getting ready to jet off again early in the morning.

CD: I’m used to that. My grandmother said the same thing over a family BBQ last week. Where are you off to now?

PB: Ha! I’m going to Houston this weekend and then next week I’m off to NYC for my new comedy show!

CD: This is the Craigslist Killer show right? Wait, or is that a Lifetime movie? I’m bad with titles.

PB: Well that will be the name if no one laughs.

CD: Actually, it’s called Missed Connections, based on the Craiglist section if my shoddy memory recalls correctly, right? And for the record, Lifetime movies could be a good venue for you. Meredith Baxter Birney can’t do them forever.

PB: I will kill to be in a Lifetime Movie. Actually it’s on my bucket list.

CD: If Tori Spelling can do them, you DEFINITELY can do them.

PB: True! But yes, my show is called Missed Connections where I’ll do dramatic readings of Craigslist ads and then tell supposed funny stories after.


CD: This is your return to the famous Beechman Theatre which has become a very popular venue for the ladies of Drag Race. Is it still special for you to get to perform in New York City, especially as an upstate New York gal?

PB: And true! And yes it certainly is. I mean it’s off Broadway so it’s exciting. To me as an upstate gal, NYC is a pinnacle point.

CD: Bigger than the bright lights of say, Buffalo, Albany or Syracuse?

PB: Ha ha! Slightly!

CD: So where did the inspiration for this show come from?

PB: It actually came from when I performed in Anchorage, Alaska and I bonded with the people that worked at the club there. We were hanging out and they mentioned Missed Connections, which I didn’t even know was a thing. We spent hours laughing about it and I thought, this is a show!

CD: Missed Connections in Alaska? I can only imagine what those are like! “Me: Disgraced former Governor, You: Wolf that is okay with being shot from a helicopter”. But in all seriousness, that is some journey from inspiration in Alaska to realization in New York City! How long did it take you to put this show together? Do you find you need to work out material and stories much like a more traditional stand-up comic does before its ready for a big show like this?

PB: It’s pretty cool! I’m thrilled I get to put together these shows and people want to see them! It definitely has a bit more structure than my previous show “Lick This Boxx” though that one did have some structure to it. I think my stand up tends to be more story orientated too. So it’s a mixture of things. They’ll also be some music sprinkled throughout too.

CD: At this stage of your career do you find you enjoy comedy and storytelling or making music more?

PB: I’ve always enjoyed telling stories and making people laugh. Music is sort of my expensive hobby right now. Ha! I’m having so much fun doing it and hope people have fun with it. My next musical ventures are comedy songs.


(Since Pandora mentioned that, this would be the perfect time for you people to go and buy her most recent song, the amazing “Different” on iTunes or Amazon!)

CD: After New York, where else will you be bringing “Missed Connections” this fall?

PB: I’m hoping to tour the country with it. Nothing is solidified just yet but there are a few early dates being worked out. The best way for it to come to a city is to have people post it on club’s Facebook pages or tweet them or email them. Let them know you want to see it!

CD: Well there you go kids. Professor Boxx has assigned homework so let your local club know that there is a demand for “Missed Connections”!

PB: I’ll be happy to give out firm handshakes and a keen nod to everyone who helps get a clubs attention to my show.

CD: You’re like a modern Eva Peron.

PB: I just do it for the people.

Photo by Jose Guzman Colon

Photo by Jose Guzman Colon

CD: On a totally unrelated subject, yet one we invariably find our way to each time we talk, there was a story recently about the Walking Dead in which the show runners have cryptically implied that the most popular character on the show, Daryl Dixon might be gay. Aside from volunteering to be Mrs. Dixon, what are your thoughts on this rumor?

PB: I think Daryl is definitely the most mysterious character of all of them. Aside from Michonne but now that we’ve gotten back story we know more about here. There hasn’t been much back story for him. He’s also shunned away advances from Beth and Carol. Carol also has had very little back story. She’s a bit of a mystery to me too.

So it’s definitely plausible that he is gay. Maybe he’s actually not even someone who was out or who struggled with his identity. That’s why he’s so closed off. I mean with a brother like Merle, would you feel comfortable being out? If he is gay, I really love the fact that nothing has been said about it because it’s a non-issue. In the land of the zombie, survival is the most important. Regardless of what his sexual orientation is, he is by far the most valuable asset they have.

And yes, I volunteer for tribute to be Mr. Dixon’s mister.

CD: Okay. Thank you once again for your time Pandora. I’m looking forward to seeing your show. I wish you the best of luck with it. Also, if anyone from the AMC network is reading this, will you PLEASE put this bitch on Talking Dead? (Go LIKE “Get Pandora Boxx on Talking Dead, Please?” here!)

PB: Love it! Thank you for talking with me. Always a delight!

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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