I promise you aren’t reading a repeat butttttt guess who dropped the ball….again….


More NFL players charged with Acts of Domestic Violence – Remember when Michael Sam wasn’t picked up due to fear of “Negative media attention.” Yeah….how’s that positive media attention going for ya, NFL?

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Wacka Flocka Offers $50k a year for “Blunt roller” Position, Seth Rogen hired position. – Well schucks! Guess we gotta wait on The Green Hornet 2, something tells me this is a full time position.

Django Unchained Actress Claims Racist Treatment by LAPD, Photos Show Her Having Sex In Public with Boyfriend – Public feigns outrage before failing to remember who she was in film…or at all.

Orange is the New Black Writer Divorces Husband to start Dating Actress who Plays “Poussey.” – I mean…I’m more jealous than anything else.


After the NFL has a Rihanna song pulled from last week’s game, Rihanna responds. CBS/NFL bans song – Just what the NFL needs…another victim of domestic violence talking out against them.

Scotland votes “NO” to becoming independent of the United Kingdom – Hey Scotland if you’re bummed, let me try and make it better, the United States has been independent for over 200 years and we still cared more about the Royal Wedding than we do our own government.


The Champion of the Week is….Lauren Morelli, the writer for Orange is the New Black, who was able to admit who she was, and immediately have the hottest girlfriend. Disagree with me? Really? Do you? I mean….is there ANYONE else on this list more deserving than a woman who was able to accept her identity and immediately start dating the actress that plays Poussey? Have you WATCHED the show? Have you SEEEEEN Poussey?! I mean…vote for whoever you want.

Keep geek.