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Beyond the Face: Quinn Jaxon


Many of you might have recognized’s today’s interview from his award winning smile or killer body. Some of you might even have met him. I can say that I first met Quinn Jaxon when he helped the company I work for out with an event. Since then, each and every time I’ve gotten the chance to see Quinn, I’ve come to realize how truly great of a person he is. His kindness, sense of self-aware, and drive to fulfill all of his passions is something we should all be so lucky to all have.

SS: Quinn, I need to ask you first, just who the hell are you?
QJ: Well, my Name is Quinn Jaxon, I’m a small town boy from North Dakota. I originally moved to LA to chance a professional dancer

SS: What made you choose LA over a city for dancing like NYC?
QJ: Ha ha easy choice! I hate winter. Growing up in North Dakota, it’s freezing there I wanted to get away from all that cold shit!

SS: Amen! Besides why hide under all those layers?
QJ: Exactly! I work hard for what I got, I like showing it off.

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SS: You certainly melted a lot of hearts when people had their first bit of exposure to you in the first Andrew Christian video. How did that come to be?
QJ: Well, actually the video creators of AC, found me Gogo dancing at Here Lounge one night. I just followed up by emailing them. It was quite simple and just a case of being at the right place at the right time

SS:It sure was! I recall shortly after I saw your pretty mug everywhere! How did life change for you after that first video?
QJ: The first “car wash” video got over a million views. So plenty of people saw it. That being said it became just basic networking. So my schedule got full as my name got bigger

SS: What has been your favorite opportunity you’ve received as a result of that first video?
QJ: I’d have to say the traveling. As my name got my notice I started getting hired all across the world to different clubs to promote and advertise. I was just in Beijing this year

SS: Oh wow! That’s amazing! Obvious difference aside, What was the biggest difference between Chinese gays and WeHo gays?
QJ: Chinese gays have no self control, we had to escorted on and off stage by security because how much they try to grab you. It’s like a big mosh pit!


SS: Now while you are no longer with Andrew Christian you are still an active member of the West Hollywood scene, since leaving AC, how has your career blossomed?
QJ: I still model for photographers and other understands like Geovanny and Marco Marco occasionally, but club wise, clubs wanted to use my name to help bring business so I started to to “host” different night and sub promote as well.

SS: What is your favorite thing about modeling and what is your favorite thing about being a host?
QJ: Modeling my favorite thing is just meeting new people and experiencing up close and personal someone personal intake on there craft. Hosting, it was fun being around my friends and being able to actually talk, instead if dancing on a box

SS: Seems like you really get a great duality of your worlds there.While many people know you as a gogo dancer, you are actually a trained dancer in many other dance forms, with your busy modeling and host schedule, how and where do you get to fulfill your other dance passions?
QJ: I perform regularly with a company called “Mental Head Circus” directed by Terry Beeman here in Hollywood. Also I perform seasonally with “Los Angeles Dance Company”. I also audition a lot for shows, videos, and commercial work. Let alone just taking class is a great way to express my love for dancing as well as creating training.

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Beyond the Face: Quinn Jaxon 7

SS: In addition to your impressive dance skills, you have some of the most impressive ink in WeHo, does each tattoo have a meaning to you?
QJ: Each tattoo represents something and different meaning to me, but I can pick faves, 3rd: My sleeve, 2nd: is the poem on my back, my favorite number 1: TinkerBell at the moment.

…and I don’t have children…that I know of.

SS: Quinn, what would you say is the one thing people don’t know about you.
QJ: I’m pretty open with everyone and don’t really have much to hide, I guess a lot ppl don’t know that I’m a small town guy, with an old soul


SS: Who is your personal hero?
QJ: My dad, David.

SS: What is your favorite 90s song?
QJ: Anything by the Goo Goo Dolls…like….anything.

SS: What is the one thing someone should NOT do to you at a club?
QJ: Inappropriate Touching!

SS: Where is your favorite place?
QJ: My families cabin in a small place called “Sherwood Forest” a Robin hood themed camp grounds. Used to go every summer.

SS: What is your favorite style of underwear?
QJ: I’m boxer brief fan.

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Beyond the Face: Quinn Jaxon 7

SS: At we have a long proud tradition of shamelessly promoting things…please tell us what are you promoting and how shamelessly can you promote it?
QJ: I’m always advertising my Facebook fan page. my Instagram and twitter and last but definitely not the least mine and my managers online store where you can get anything from autograph posters and screensaver’s to behind the scene videos and the oh so popular e-book ” The First Book of Quinn.”

SS: Quinn thank you so much for joining us today…the pleasure….has been all ours!
AJ: No way! Thank you so much for inviting and giving me the chance to share my stories!

Keep geek.


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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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