Sidney vs The Week – 10/31/14

October 31, 2014 Sidney Stokes 0

This week was lovely…know why? Cause of these people and their foolishness. Monica Lewinsky Calls Herself the First Victim of Cyber Bullying – Sorry bout it girl, guess you hitched yourself to the wrong star(r). […]

Drag Queens

So You Think You Can Drag? Week 7

October 30, 2014 Chiffon Dior 0

Chiffon Dior: Hello hello Paige! Welcome back for another exciting recap of So You Think You Can Drag! How are you doing my dear? Paige Turner: OMG! Someone’s had their coffee!!! I’M GOOOOOOOD! This apartment […]

Beyond the Face Interview

Beyond the Face: Jason King

October 27, 2014 Sidney Stokes 0

We do a lot before we go out. Make sure our look is on point, hair is perfect, and in some cases, face painted perfectly. Though if you go through all that work shouldn’t that […]

Drag Queens

Poppy’s Coffee Corner: Episode 12

October 27, 2014 Poppy Fields 0

  In which Poppy dresses down those who dress up… Well, Pop Tarts, Halloween is upon us; and here in West Hollywood – home of the largest Halloween Party in the United States (I’m serious…it’s […]