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So You Think You Can Drag, Week 3

Alexis Michelle for the win!

Alexis Michelle for the win!

Chiffon Dior: Hi Paige! Good to talk you again my dear. So let’s cut to the chase….who won week three of So You Think You Can Drag?

Paige Turner: Alexis Michelle!! I cried, I really got emotional. It was a fantastic performance, one that people will say “I was there when Alexis Michelle brought down the house with her Into the Woods Medley” and changed from a hideous witch into a beautiful princess! It was ……….magical! She sang the witches rap live and had a baker and bakers’ wife. I thought I was seeing a production, not a competition!

CD: I actually saw a brief clip of that transformation on Instagram. It looked epic!

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PT: Yes, it was definitely that! Overall it was a pretty amazing evening. They were giving you Forbidden Broadway realness. it was Musical Theater/Disney night and we had two top notch Broadway performers as our guest judges and they were amazing with their feedback!

CD: Who else stood out this week aside from NS4W’s own Alexis?

PT: Holly Box Springs Dusty Ray Bottoms and Schwa De Vivre, they really got the theme and ran with it! They all hadgood selections and were well executed. It will be hard to top this theme…..but there has to be a top somewhere in Manhattan. The performances were really great last night from everyone. Schwa did a take on Look What Happened to Mabel and her becoming a star. She went from agent to director to producer in casting couch style, boys went into a good ole classic musical theater dancebreak and she appeared pregnant, very Carol Burnett Show style! Holly (who was the runner up) did a whole Smash TV series mashup turning into Marilyn in the white dress which blew in the air in the Seven Year Itch. However there was no fan! Like how did it blow? I don’t want to ask because it was an amazing gimmick and it should be her secret!

CD: Flatulence?

PT: Hmm….I did buy everyone Chipotle before the show. Oh god yes, it was the burritos! Nevermind. Anyway, Dusty Ray did a very funny genius mash up of Idina Menzel or shall I say Adele Dazeem and her name being wrong. It was one of the strongest mixes i’ve seen! It was funny to watch our guest judge Jackie Burns watch , because she is Idina’s standby in “If/Then” on Broadway. I thought Jackie would need a recesistating mask, she was laughing so hard!

Another highlight was we opened with Welcome to the 60s featuring past season girls as the Dynamites! We dressed up resident judge and promoter, Justin Luke as Edna Turnblad to my Tracy, into full change within the number where he came back out sixties style. It was musical theater mayhem!

CD:Nice to see you keep the show low-key and simple! *laughs*

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So You Think You Can Drag, Week 3 5

PT: Girl, I just ordered stuffed toys five minutes ago for a number!

CD:I’ll refrain from making a dirty comment. So what can we look forward to in week four? What is the theme du jour?

PT: Totally Awesome 80s! The editor of NEXT magazine will be there as a judge along with Broadways Jared Zirelli (who’s straight and slurp!!).

CD: My vote right now is for anyone who does Debbie Gibson…..not that I have a vote or anything!

PT: Hahaha! Gosh I should do Electric Youth!

CD: Well it sounds like you have another big week planned, anything you want to plug before we wrap it up for another week?

PT: Yes!! Come out to my 200th show this Sunday at Slurp at Therapy at 10pm!!

…..and here is the highlight video for the week darling! Such a pleasure. Thanks for another great yap!

YouTube player

CD: I’m nothing if not yappie!

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(she/her) Despite being a drag journalist for over a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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