American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres tonight ushering in with it a new season of mayhem and madness. We’ve enlisted the help of Sidney and Spencer to discuss all things Horror leading into the latest installment of this anthology.


Sidney Stokes: Helllllloooooo WERRRKers and welcome to Sidney & Spencer’s American Horror Story Preview Spencer has been so gracious to join me on this. Now Spencer…you just marathoned all of American Horror Story, correct?

Spencer Williams: Sidney, I did not leave my room for several days. I would like to take this time to thank everyone who had to slip my meals under the door. The grilled cheese was delicious…

SS: So since you powered through in a few days as opposed to 3 years….how do you feel your viewing experience was different than those of us who had to remain patient….week to week….year to year
Sidney says with no (all) bitterness

SW: In all honesty, I am not a fan of powering through shows like I did. The purpose of having a week between episodes is really to let the suspense kill you to the point where Wednesday night is a important part of your schedule. So I feel that it probably wasn’t as fun as those who watched it normally. But I still loved it! I had to do what I had to do. Murderhouse one day, Asylum another, and Coven over three nights.

SS: Did you have a favorite?

SW: Coven is definitely my favorite without a second thought. I could go on all day talking about Coven. Asylum would be my second because it was just so twisted. Murderhouse was good but I would much rather the other two. What was your favorite Sidney?

SS: It might be Coven due to how I viewed it but it is Followed QUICKLY by Murder House.

SS: With the fourth season right on the horizon, Freak Show, what do you think we can expect from this upcoming season….or is it just gonna be like “CLOWN! CLOWN! YAAAAASSSSSSSS, oh…AND CLOWN!!!”

SW: Haaaaaaa!!!! Well what I love about Freakshow so far is that people are so terrified of clowns now a days and Freakshow is really taking advantage of that!
SS: Yeah whats that about? I mean…how many people could had to explain on a doll where Bozo touched them?

SW: I don’t know but I am so excited to watch people cry every time a clown picks his/her nose on camera. I mean I’ve seen people pass out at that commercial with the clown baring her teeth…I love it.

SS: Sidney Blinks…looks for exit.

SW: We will not be disappointed. What else can we expect, well considering this is supposedly Jessica Lange’s (my hero) final season, you can expect another Emmy worthy performance. Can she top Fiona Goode? I don’t know but I am excited to see her try.

SS: Spencer….Jessica Lange could read the phone book half asleep and it would be an award winning performanceT. hat said, yes, I think we can absolutely agree that Jessica Lange will deliver another knockout performance and leave the terror to the others.

SW: Exactly! Ugh what a goddess. The fact that she is leaving this show absolutely kills me. Frances Conroy has room to steal the spotlight next then. You can also expect more terror. I mean it’s season 4, we have got to step up the nightmares and I’m sure.

SS: Something I love about her characters is that she isn’t outwardly terrifying yet her characters have a horror about them that is on the level of anything over the top terror on the show.

SW: I think Jessica Lange’s characters can be described by one of her lines from last season, “The point is in this whole wide wicked world the only thing you have to be afraid of is me. ”

SS: Could we say that the we can expect Upped Terror and damn fine performances from the AHS veterans?

SW: Yes! Frances Conroy has Myrtle Snow to upstage. Same for Angela Basset, Kathy Bates, and Sarah Paulson! I mean Sarah was the SUPREME last season. Let’s hope two heads are better than one.

SS: What are you hoping they change for this season?

SW: I am so happy that you asked me that Sidney, are you ready for a unpopular opinion?

SS: Only if you have huge black frame glasses and a PBR to justify having it.

SW: If Evan Peters ends up in one more damn relationship on this show I will freak out. I did not like him as a ghost. I did not like him as an alien abductee. I did not like him as a handicapped zombie! No more. He needs to have some normal freakshow drama like who stole his swallowing swords. Not girl drama. I can’t stand it anymore.

SS: Ugh….those stupid aliens. I mean…why on earth did they waste a potential season on something that went nowhere?

SW: Okay the alien drama was fun for all of five minutes.

SS: Five minutes or 13 episodes…yeah….a waste.

SW: It only would have payed off if Sister Jude battled off the aliens with a sword and a pack of nuns.

SS: I’ll agree…hopefully Evan Peters gets to do something

SW: I don’t believe Taissa Farmiga is back this season so maybe Mr.Peters will keep it in his pants his season.

SS: No, but we got Emma Roberts sooooooooo…

SW: Yeah…he still might whip it out.

SS: Here is want I what to see less of this season, and any further season. American Horror Story, fun though it is, is the most inconsistent show on television.Each season we see the first four episodes (through the Halloween episode) be stellar exciting television. but then for the next six episodes they squander any good work they do by introducing ludicrous sub plots that go nowhere and mean nothing only for the last couple of episodes they want us to care after they’ve spent the last 6-7 episodes giving us nothing, then expecting us to care, when they have given us no reason to.

SW: So you are hoping that the whole season is as amazing as the first four episodes?

SS: I want the writers to care the whole way through and give us a reason to care. If we have to care, so do they, and about something past Jessica Lange.

SW: No I totally agree. But I am not opposed to a new show called “Jessica Lange Horror Story” to be honest.

SS: I mean…is it not?

SW: Coven kind of have us that opportunity. We saw deep into Myrtle Snow, We got a good sense of Marie Laveau, Madame Delphine LaLaurie, and her Children.

SS: I enjoyed it cause I felt that we got an entire world that we only got to explore a little of and it woulda been nice to see more. Its’ why I enjoyed Coven so much because, we got so much AROUND the characters even if we didn’t get super deep into them. Patti Lupone being that prime example, like….why waste her time?

SW: I totally forgot about her.

SS: So did the writers.

SW: I didn’t understand the point of her and her son.

SS:…I understood the point of her son.

SW: I’m sure you did.


SS: What are you hoping to see this season?

SW: I am really hoping to see just an all around even better season! I hope that Freak Show gets even more terrifying than the seasons past! I also hope that this season will give our favorite cast members a chance to be just as badass before. Really what I’m trying to say is that no matter how many boobs you have or how many heads, I hope you turn it out this season!

SS: Yeah. I feel that. Like I said, I want consistency from start to finish in the story they are wanting to tell. I feel we are gonna feel a massive vacancy with the loss of Lily Rabe from the cast and they will all need to step it up a bit to fill in for her. I know the talent is there so I’m not worried for the performances. I think my overall thing is I want Jessica Lange to get to go out with massive bang.

SW: I didn’t even realize Lily was gone until you said that… Major disappointment..

SS: Yeah…and truth be told after how they just totally dropped the ball with her in Asylum for a role she deserved an Emmy for….and then used her to be a set up for a cameo, I probably woulda taken my talents elsewhere too.

SW: Okay but Lily as the Stevie Nicks obsessed witch was way too much fun for me. She put Luna Lovegood out of business. Jessica Lange’s exit is really all I am nervous about, it better be glorious.

SS: Ooooo! Nervous is a great way to phrase that

SW: I am nervous! I don’t want her to be just another crazy lady like she was in murderhouse. I need some more Fiona Goode or Sister Jude. All we can do is hope for the best. I’m sure Jessica Lange isn’t just going to lay down and die with Lily haha!

SS: Do you think she will die?

SW: Hmmmm… I think she will. I think it would be kind of cool if she lived as a villain but died a hero. Boom! Emmy.

SS: Soooooooo Asylum

SW: Pretty much.

SS: Alrighty….so it seems like while we have things we want to see done differently…and despite past mistakes…we are pretty much eager as all hell for this show to be back.

SW: Yeah I haven’t been able to think about anything other than Freak Show. After this I am probably going to rewatch Asylum or Coven just to try and ease the mind until the premiere.

SS: I say do Coven nothing gets me goin like a racist Kathy Bates…but that’s a totally different discussion.

SW: Okay sold. The only thing is that it’s not on Netflix. So I have to find it through…other means..

SS: Spencer….this has been wonderful….we might have to due a Post Mortem at the end of the season!

SW: I totally agree! Thank you so much Sidney for having me. I am going to lay down in the corner now and cry about Lily Rabe thanks to you.

SS: Have some Ben & Jerry’s….always works…so I’m told.

From Spencer and I…

Keep Geek.

-Sidney & Spencer.