The Interview

Chiffon Dior: Hello again my dear! I’m so excited to get to talk with you again! Aside from missing me horribly which goes without saying, how have you been?

Lesli Margherita: Missing you of course. Who is this? (fake laugh) I’m good!!!! Still in Matilda (on Broadway), screaming at children. Dream job.

CD: For those new readers who might have missed our last interview, can you give us the quick version of your origin story?

LM: Hmm…quick. I shall try. Born in California, screamed in shows as a child, ended up on some crappy RV shows after college, went to London, won their version of a Tony, came to Broadway, and now doing my cabaret show. Phew!

The Interview: Lesli Margherita 1

CD: Very concise! So you got your start yelling as a child and now you’re yelling at children. You’ve come full circle I’d say?

LM: Completely. Screaming through life.

CD: Living the dream! So I know your time is brief so let’s jump right into the reason we’re here, your one-woman show, ALL HAIL THE QUEEN: GREATEST HITS (Saturday 10/11 and Sunday 10/19, more info here). You’ve done ALL HAIL THE QUEEN before so what is making this the greatest hits version?

LM: I’ve been doing versions of the show for five years, we are taking my favorite numbers from all of those shows and making one extravaganza. Also…when you say greatest hits fast, it describes my chest. That was really the reason I wanted to call it that….

The Interview: Lesli Margherita 2

CD: Oh I see what you did there. Pretty sneaky! So aside from utter fabulousness, lots of bling and an ungodly amount of fake hair, what can people expect from this show?

LM: SO much fake hair. There really is everything. Even puppets. Its more of a night club act vs a cabaret. Its not just me telling stories about my life, then singing a song. Its interactive, we read crap people write about me online live- but there is honestly a great message behind it as well…which you will have to see to get it. My band is cute too. That helps.

The Interview: Lesli Margherita 3

CD: So everyone in the NY tri-state area, don’t be a cheapskate, get your tickets right now (here) and go see one of the funniest people on Broadway in her fabulous one woman show! Seriously, what are you doing on the 11th and the 19th? Nothing! So get on that! So can we zip through a few super fast questions?

LM: YES- zip through!

CD: How many pairs of hot pink fishnets do you go through each month in Matilda?

LM: Well, I keep blowing the crotches out. This sounds wrong. I cooter slam. This still sounds wrong. A lot. I go through a lot.

The Interview: Lesli Margherita 4

CD: How hard is it to get them on with those wide openings, I would be poking my toes through non stop as I tried to put them on!

LM: Wide openings are the worst.

CD: This is like batting practice for you.

LM: Laughs

The Interview: Lesli Margherita 5

CD: If you could play any other role on Broadway, past or present, what would it be?

LM: Evita. For sure. I want that white ball gown.

CD: So I log on to interwebs a few months back and low and behold I see Bianca Del Rio, James Franco…..and my gal pal Lesli Margherita. Details on that one girl?

LM: OMG. Broadway Bares! Umm…thank GAWD for Bianca. I had never met her, I LOVE her- it was hysterical, I think Franco (as I think he calls himself) thought he would get the biggest applause of the evening, nope. Bianca walked out and literally thousands of people didn’t stop cheering for ten minutes. Loved it. We got to take Franco’s pants off. Great gig.

The Interview: Lesli Margherita 6

CD: So basically just another typical night for you?

LM: I didn’t meet him until that night. I rehearsed with his assistant. No joke. laughs

CD: Well, practice makes perfect!

LM: Of course.

CD: Star Wars Episode 7. A few weeks back I may have tweeted out that JJ Abrams needs to cast you as the snarky offspring of Princess Leia and Han Solo. Have we made any progress on that front? JJ, I know you’re reading this, what are you waiting for?

LM: I wish!!!!!!! UGH.

The Interview: Lesli Margherita 7

CD: I’m pretty sure it’s Jar Jar Binks’ fault somehow. Have you tried to steer clear of all news about the movie or have seen some of the things that have circulated about it? Any thoughts about Episode 7 so far?

LM: I see EVERYTHING. Im so excited. I love the spoilers! I actually look for them. I love that JJ Abrams is posting videos. I hope its good, that’s all. I have high hopes. I’m such a nerd.

CD: Oh yeah, you are SUCH a nerd. *rolls eyes* Remind me to steal your lunch money and shove you in your locker after this interview. Okay, seriously since I know you have to run, last time you left us with these AMAZING words of wisdom, “Five inch lucite heels make any outfit instantly classier.” My question is, can you top that?

LM: HA!!!! I mean, those words are timeless! I think I would just have to add that those heels paired with a sixteen dollar half wig from the Vivica Fox collection will make you unstoppable. You can see this in action onstage at my show.

The Interview: Lesli Margherita 8

CD: Oh wait, one more super quick one that I HAVE to ask! Your understudy needing butt pads, true story or hilarious tweet?

LM: TRUE. TRUE EFFING STORY. She showed it to me. It has a crack and everything.

CD: The fact that you shared that is why you’re my favorite Twitter follow. Literally number one.

LM: Love you.

CD: Ditto! Lesli, thank you so much for your time tonight! Everyone do yourself a favor and please follow this woman on Twitter! (Seriously, if you’re not following this bitch, the terrorists win! Click here and follow her, you’ll thank me later!) And be sure to check out the fabulous videos she did for (here) too! And her Instagram (here) while you’re at it! And get your tickets for ALL HAIL THE QUEEN GREATEST HITS (here)!

LM: PERFECT!!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!

The Interview: Lesli Margherita 9
“Go home! This interview is over!”