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    What The Walking Dead: No Sanctuary

    7-CarylSeason 5: Episode 1 “No Sanctuary”

    It’s October once again and you know what that means, The Walking Dead is back! Lets take a second to just bounce up and down in excitement! Ready, go! Let me know when you are done… okay back to the screen. Last nights episode was a real treat! The last time we saw our group of tired survivors, they finally made it to Terminus only to realize that this was just another trap full of crazy people (shocker). Our group was led into a boxcar for a cute reunion where they could sit and wait to become human chow for…. other humans that are not…dead…

    So the group thought they were being super smart by being ready to attack as soon as the door opened, but then the roof opened and they were all gassed. You would think after five seasons, these characters would just expect the worst. We were then takin to this horrifying scene where our leading male characters plus Bob (die already) and some other random men were being held above this trough. At first I was thinking that they were about to be questioned or something. Then the show gets really real as a man with a baseball bat smashes their heads down one by one with a throat slit right after. What the heck is happening!


    Of course our heroes get away because the one true master of the “Walker” apocalypse showed up to save the day… My favorite character in this show and maybe my favorite television character besides the holy trinity of AHS: Coven appeared…. CAROL! The queen showed up to Terminus hiding among a large pack of walkers. Then she turns up the notch by causing large explosions via fireworks, sneaks around with a large machine gun, and pretty much causes more destruction we have ever seen in the past on this show.

    Carol is amazing and I am so happy to see her like this. I have been a fan since she washing clothes in the river back in season 1. It’s amazing to see how much she has changed!

    Eventually our group of survivors gets away into the woods… Rick has a small Rick-Spasm and talks about walking around the fence and killing every last person in Terminus but the others talk him out of it because…girl we are tired.


    Meanwhile Tyrese protects Judith (kind of) from some Terminus weirdo and makes a mess of him.

    The group starts to get ready to leave Terminus when suddenly the most amazing Walking Dead scene ever happens… Daryl sees Carol out of the corner of his eye, thus begins the best reunion ever. I think there were actual tears in my eyes. Rick then walks up and hugs the shiznit out of Carol. It was just beautiful. Then Tyrese returns Judith to Rick and there are more tears… AND THEN Tyrese reunites with his sister. The emotions were so real!

    Just as the show is ending and everyone was picking up their empty pizza boxes… one last scene came up. A man in a mask walking along the railroad tracks toward Terminus.. He takes off his mask and you will never believe who it was… MORGAN. *faints* HE IS ALIVE! Lets hope he finds Rick and keeps the craziness low key this time.


    All in all, all I can say about this episode is that Carol kicks major ass. She is the reason I watch this show. I mean she doesnt even need this group of people. She could kill every last one of these walkers by herself at this point.

    To summarize this episode I shall say, Carol kicks major ass, if this blood trough scene goes any longer I am going to pass out, who cares about past Terminus drama, I think this would have been easier if they tried out the human jerky first, please tell  me he is not getting ready to snap an infants neck, Carol is still kicking major ass, explosions, I wonder how human tastes, Carol is a legend, the reunion is making me cry!

    See you next week on “What The Walking Dead!”

    Tune in every Sunday on AMC at 9/8c (whatever that means) for The Walking Dead!

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