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    The Freak Show Revue – Massacres and Matinees



    American Horror Story:
    Freak Show –
    Massacres and Matinees

    This review is being turned in late because…oh there weren’t enough showers I could take to wash off how creepy that episode was. It is clear that this season’s theme is Human vs Monster but in a much more internal way, with what should be human being monstrous and those viewed as a monster being human.

    I wanna start off with major acting snaps for Evan Peters who is really nailing it this season in a way he hasn’t been able to before. I hope we keep up this momentum and don’t derail it with some romance. I am now fully intrigued into who the guy is and him walking the fine line between his humanity and his freakdom.

    The flip side of this is Dandy who is made super interesting by the levels that Finn Wittrock is giving to him. Watching this wild card is becoming not just creepy but engaging as well, add Twisty to the mix, and it feels like a trail mix of insanity.

    Speaking of, oh hot damn, each time they have introduced him in an episode it has been so wonderfully done, this one, was great. It’s like his mystery is where he is.

    I said last week, and I’ll say again, the visual style of this show is always on point. The director and cinematographers get it….and this episode gave several more fantastic examples of a horror tableaus, the scene in the toy star is a fantastic stand out.

    Obviously the acting right now is the best part of the show but eventually we will need something a bit more, as of right now we are still in the part where everything is new. New challenges were introduced this episode but where will they lead and how far can they really get on them.

    In summation,
    The writers playa game to see how many times they can write “freak” into an episode. Y’all….for fucks sake that clown. This season is getting a make up Emmy. Harold & Maude think Mother Mott & Dandy are creepy as fuck. “Yaaassss” might have originally said about Angela Basset. SARAH PAULSON IS SINGING FIONA APPLE! I can’t unsee Twisty’s mouth. Kathy Bates gets away with the accent because she’s Kathy Bates, hon. Think Dandy is gonna take the fall for Twisty at some point? Evan Peters….just….kust keep it up.

    Well, we are two episodes in, normally the show has a four episode strong start before he squanders its good will, will it again, only time will tell.

    Keep geek.


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