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Drag Queens

So You Think You Can Drag? Week 7


Chiffon Dior: Hello hello Paige! Welcome back for another exciting recap of So You Think You Can Drag! How are you doing my dear?

Paige Turner: OMG! Someone’s had their coffee!!! I’M GOOOOOOOD! This apartment looks like PARTY CITY and Sanford and Son had a baby! Halloween is approaching gurl!

CD: I know! I was thinking of going as Renee Zellwegger but I was worried no one would know who I was!

PT: I usually go as a bearded lady since no one cares that I’m in drag on HALLOWEEN!

CD: I’ve seen a lot of queen inadvertently try to pull off that look. Liquid foundation doesn’t work ladies! So anyway, how was PAGEANT week??

PT: Interesting. I wasn’t sold on the theme because So You Think You Can Drag is basically already a PAGEANT! Does that make sense? But it did make for some interesting choices as far as material.


CD: A pageant within a pageant, very meta!

PT: We opened with “Girl For All Seasons” from Grease 2 where I had all the girls and our resident mentor Chelsea Piers take the stage. I think the funniest thing about it was that Schwa De Vivre decided to do her fall character dressed as a special needs pumpkin girl! I guess she will be changing her name to Dawn Syndrome. It was a challenging week and everyone really challenged themselves. Song selection really is everything and some of them absolutely nailed it.

CD: What was the format of the pageant theme?

PT: The girls had the group number, a talent portion and they were given either a fill in the blank statement or a question to answer, that wasn’t pre-given to them. There was then a big runway backtracked to Follies “Beautiful Girls”. The special guest judges were Bob the Drag Queen and Marty Thomas, currently in Pageant the musical off-Broadway, was a Star Search winner as a child and also has his own show at New World.

CD: So stop keeping us in suspense, who won?

PT: Dusty Ray Bottoms, who did a piece where she shaved her head onstage! She was thinking of changing it last minute and not doing it but she really stuck to her guns and went with it! It was quite personal and really great although I really didn’t know the song because it wasn’t from a musical. My repetoire is quite limited unless it’s Lerner and Loewe! The runner up was Alexis with a grand ole musical theater number of “A Bushel and a Peck / Adelaide’s Lament” with four girls


CD: What is up next for this week’s theme?

PT: It’s a HALLOWEEN ADVENTURE, the final show before the finale!

CD: Time is flying! It feels like we just started this!

PT: Eight weeks already! It’s a halloween theme and for queens, what a great last theme. You can go crazy outrageous, stick to horror themes, Wicked, all kinds of things! There are a lot of possibilities and I love what people have chosen this week. It will be a major party and even the audience has been asked to dress up!

CD: Sounds like its going to be a real monster mash!

PT: I just downloaded Monster Mash! Get out of my head!


CD: What are you thinking as this season is winding down?

PT: Well, as I watched the Project Runway finale and Tim Gunn said it was the best season and best people so far..I was like..what, really? I didn’t agree at all with that and it’s so cliche to say that however this has been the best season for me, because the overall attitude, comittment, the striving to improve and spirit has been very positive. It has not been toxic or cutthroat in a way that’s just not fun. I don’t enjoy cunty or nonsense unless it’s in a number. The overall commradere and support of each other has been really, really fantastic this year. I am very happy with the girls chosen this year and definitely having Chelsea Piers, my dear friend and their mentor has been a wonderful addition. I always want to thank Season 3 finalist Nomi Sas who choreographs all my numbers and the group numbers, such a talent and a huge help the competition! So cliche as it may sound..for me this has been the best year on a grand scale..5th year-yay we finally got it right!

CD: 5th time is the charm they always say!

PT: Yes!

CD: I think we’ve reached the shameless whoring out of your gigs for the week portion of the article Paige….

PT: *Laughs*

WERK! Wednesdays at Hardware Bar. Friday I’m at THERAPY BAR for Halloween

and then back Sunday for Slurp at Therapy!

CD: Well I think that just about wraps up another week of SYTYCD? recaps. Any parting shots Paige?

PT: Be safe and have a fabulous Halloween! GO BIG OR GO HOME! SLURP!

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Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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