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    Sidney vs The Week – 11/7/14


    Well this week sure made an ass of itself…starting with a bunch of elephants.

    Republicans win Mid Term Election Big; Win control of Congress – Hillary Clinton sends GOP an edible arrangement

    Rose McGowan Throws Shade At Gay Community – Bitch who the hell do you think still watches Charmed reruns and Jawbreaker?

    Star Wars Episode VII Becomes Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – I’ll settle for Star Wars Episode VII: This One Isn’t Gonna Suck, Pink Swear!

    Rose McGowan Clarifies (backtracks) Seemingly Anti-Gay Comments – Mhmmm…yeah…that’s what we thought, we knew you’d realize who pays your bills.

    Azealia Banks FINALLY Releases Debut Album – Now girl….keep your mouth shut unless you are rapping and your Twitter closed…we want you to stay this time.


    The Champion of the Week ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS…Hillary Clinton! Who is gonna sit back and watch the Republican controlled Senate fuck up enough to have her ease back in to the White House.

    Disagree? Sure, like voting it’s your legal right…so vote about it here!

    Till next week all!

    Keep geek.


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