So You Think You Can Drag Finalist: Dusty Ray Bottoms 1

Question: Condragulations Dusty on making the top five of So You Think You Can Drag! Have you had a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished already yet?

Dusty Ray Bottoms: Thank you!!! You know, after week 8, I sat and thought about what I wanted to do for the finale and I kept looking back over all my performances this season to see what side of myself I wanted to show. I have to say I’m very pleased with my work. I’m not just a boy in a dress. I’ve worked hard at branding myself as an artist and most importantly as Dusty Ray Bottoms. THAT itself is a huge undertaking that some performers/ queens struggle to do. I’m very proud I accomplished that and so excited to create more art on finale night! You can see my journey here!

Question: What do you think was your highlight and lowlight of the season so far?

DRB: My highlight- Winning the first night of the competition! Having to walk into a competition with a new audience and shine through nine other contestants is huge! That felt great! My Low would have to be week 2 (90’s) week. Yes I made top two but I was very unhappy with myself. We don’t have to talk about that.

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Question: How would you describe your experience on SYTYCD? What was it like to work with Paige, Chelsea and all other guests that have come through?

DRB: I had a great experience. Paige, Chelsea and Justin were all so sweet and supportive. They really wanted to see everyone do well. I’ve made friendships with them and that’s something this twink two years ago would never have imagined! Also I made close friendships with some of my competitors. I wasn’t looking for that but how can you not love some of theses girls! #nevalavdyah

Question: So without spoiling anything, what can we expect from you in the finale?

DRB: I’m gonna make ’em laugh and tell a story! I have “a lot” to say you know. Just one last hurrah before a queen is crowned!!

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Question: Best of luck on the 13th Dusty! Any you want to plug before we wrap up?

DRB: Thank you and of course! Come out on Thursday and vote for the girl who can take something familiar but put a new spin on it! You never know what you’re gonna get but I can guarantee you will always leave entertained! Whether its a theatre stage, club, or dive bar, I’ve got you covered with something fresh! Its #TeamBottoms #TeamSomethingDifferent! Also follow me on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. Thank you for your time!