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Sidney vs The Week – 11/14/14


Everyone…won’t lie…this week kinda put up a fight.

The Comeback Returns After 9 Years – I NEED TO SEE THAT…and did…seriously….everyone watch that show.

Kim Kardashian Bares Her Ass for Paper Magazine – Ugh….like the world needed another reason to hate Kanye West.

Spacecraft Lands on Comet – Bruce Willis insulted he wasn’t asked to go with.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.56.04 PM
Diplo Criticizes Taylor Swift, Lorde Responds – How awful is Diplo where he makes Taylor Swift worth defending.

Christoph Waltz Is The Next Bond Villain – The word “Perfect” now defined by this.

A Sound Is Heard From The Comet – …ummm.

The Champion of the Week issssssssssssssssss….Christoph Waltz as a Bond villain because how badly do you now wanna see that movie. Last week ya kinda did and Hillary Clinton tied with Azealia Banks, #girlpower. Disagree again? Ya know what…I could see it. Let me know.

Thanks for bringing it this week…you were fun.

Keep geek.



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