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The Start of Kendra H Kinx

I’ve interviewed many queens before, from experienced Drag Racers to upstart New York City gurls but today I’m doing something totally new. Kendra H Kinx is new NYC drag queen, practically a drag fetus, who is having her first solo show ever tomorrow night. I’m excited to talk with her and see what she’s experiencing as she’s takes one of the first big steps in her young career.

Chiffon Dior: Hi there Kendra! Thanks for talking to me the day before your first ever solo show! How are you holding up?

Kendra H Kinx: I’m hanging in there! I’m ridiculously excited!


CD: Let’s start with the easy questions. What does the H in Kendra H Kinx stand for? Based on your tiny, tiny waist, I’m going to guess Hungry!

KHK: Well, hungry is definitely what it SHOULD stand for! I have two “drag mothers”. One is Kiki Kinx who really helps me out in all aspects, especially in performance we have really similar work ethics. The H is from my other mother, Heather H. She has been really helpful in teaching me about makeup….which I still have A LOT to learn about! They have shared custody.

CD: Thank goodness the laws in New York State allow that! So let’s go back the beginning, how did you get started?

KHK: I live on Fire Island during the summer. Myself and Kiki had been throwing around the idea to dress me up and do a number. So I entered in Holly Dae’s “Fresh” competition at the Ice Palace in August, which is catered to new queens. I did the competition and haven’t really stopped since then!

The Start of Kendra H Kinx 7

CD: Was drag something you had aspired to before or was it more of a spur of the moment idea?

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The Start of Kendra H Kinx 8

KHK: I have always wanted to pursue something where I could perform. I had always been drawn to music but am not a great singer, like at all, and didn’t necessarily want to do something off stage because I feel like I have more of a “spotlight personality”. Over the last few years in getting to know various queens from the Island and seeing all their different performance styles, seeing how they could make an entire crowd smile and have a good time has been borderline inspirational, so I would say it was definitely something I had aspired to, and still am aspiring to!


CD: I thought this was a very unique time to talk with you because like I said earlier, this is literally the day before your first solo show ever, “The Premiere Kendra H Kinx Experience at the Albatross Bar in Queens, NY! What is going through your head right now?

KHK: What will my first outfit be?! Which wigs should I wear?! I want to change my hair with every outfit! Is that too much?! Of course it’s not! Nothing is too much…but is it too much?! Which new mix should I do?! DONT DO TOO MUCH BEYONCE! I hope the sound system doesn’t flake! I really hope people show up…and stay!! But really WHAT WIG DO I WEAR?! Just to give you an idea…

CD: IS there such a thing as too much Beyonce?

KHK: Gurlll, not to me but if that was mentality I had, I would just press play for the live audio of the “I Am… Tour” and just go!

CD: Yeah, we might want to reign that instinct in just a bit honey. So how did this show come about for you?

KHK: One of my close friends told me to meet him at the bar about a week ago so I came down and got to talking to the bartender, really just selling myself like a tired hooker. He told me to come in when the owner was there so I did. He has been really great and very accommodating and is really excited for the show as well. If it has a good turnout and they enjoy the show, there is a possibility of becoming a regular weekly show, which would be just…awesome!


CD: Werk baby! Aside from your two drag moms and obviously Beyonce, who are you influences?

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The Start of Kendra H Kinx 8

KHK: Well, in the drag world I really admire all the Fire Island queens! I mean i could go on and on for hours about Sabel Scities, Busted, Ariel (Sinclair), Ginger (Snap), Shequida, Logan (Hardcore), Holly (Dae), and of course Tina (Burner). All of them are amazing and definitely who I look up to the most. As far as not in dra, my biggest influence is absolutely my main girl, Miss Taylor Swift!! I LOVE HER, the way she awkwardly dances gives me life, and the way she puts on a show is just perfect. I love Katy Perry as well, the two of them to me are just “pop super stars”! They execute everything flawlessly and make music that makes me wanna dance and makes me smile, so they win in my book!

CD: So what can people expect this Saturday night if the come out to see you?

KHK: They can expect some thirty minutes straight of Taylor Swift… I’m totally joking, but they can expect to have a good time. I’ve only been “booked” for this show since Tuesday, but mind you…I have been planning my own show in my head for much longer than a week! People can expect a very high energy, and ..hopefully.. hilarious show. One of my best friends, Liz Magee, is one of the special guests doing stand up. She is SOOO funny, like if Amy Schumer and Chelsea Handler had a love child!


CD: Well Kendra, we all wish you the best of luck tomorrow. I know you’ll be utterly fabulous! Do you have any final words of wisdom before I let you get back to preparing?

KHK: It’s easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission…. no, no wait, that was just my senior year yearbook quote! I just want to thank you for taking the time to ask me about my show!! I really appreciate it and I can’t wait until 1030…11..11:45…i can’t wait until showtime Saturday to bring all these ideas to the stage!


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Despite being a drag journalist for almost a decade, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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