Chiffon Dior: Okay Alexis, I know you hadn’t yet won So You Think You Can Drag? Season Five the last time we talked but its only been a week! Where did you get this entourage from already? A hair person, a makeup person, a personal assistant, a PR person, two bodyguards, several hangers on and a pool boy….A POOL BOY! Its thirty something degrees out! Why do you need a pool boy for in November?

Alexis Michelle: I wish I needed a pool boy in November, for my imaginary house in (insert somewhere warm and fancy).

CD: Ha! How are you my dear? Congratulations on your big victory!

AM: Thank you Chiffon! I’m doing really well. I had this idea I’d be able to breathe a little once So You Think You Can Drag was over…I was wrong. I was on the phone with Dusty last night and we were saying we feel an even greater pressure now that it’s over. What set in for me the following day was…my life is about to change.

A Final Word with SYTYCD Winner Alexis Michelle 3

CD: After two solid months of “GO! GO! GO!” with SYTYCD, has it sunk in yet that its over and that you actually won?

AM: Yes, it has. But really I’m focused on putting a great new show together at the New World Stages Green Room.

CD: When will that be starting? I know you teased a potential title for the show during the Finale but do you have an official title for it?

AM: I’m actually having a meeting this afternoon to discuss schedule and what not, but I’d say look out for it to start in the new year.


CD: So what were you feeling on the final night? You were the first queen out there that evening, with your Sister Act number, or should I say stage production with everything you did. Were you confident in your material?

AM: I was soooooo nervous. There had been a lot of energy at New World Stages throughout the competition but I think all of us top five girls felt an increased rush that night between our nerves, excitement and the several hundred people in the building. It was crazy! I was excited about the numbers I prepared and hoped everyone would enjoy them!

CD: I want you to know I’m blaming you personally for Wig in a Box being stuck in my head for several days after the Finale. Crap, I think its back now! But in all seriousness, I loved that number. It really felt like you just opened yourself up for everyone to see, just naked, vulnerable and real. Well, naked in a figurative sense, not in a Schwa de Vivre sense.

AM: Good that was the idea! I was going for ‘exposed’ in a slip n padding and that bitch Schwa de Vivre had to up the naked ante! Just kidding, just kidding! I really just wanted to “look at the woman I’ve become” as Hedwig says in the song.


CD: Of course! When they were announcing the final two and Dusty (Ray Bottoms) was the first name called, what was going through your head at that point?

AM: I had prepared myself not to be in the top two, I wanted to be obviously…I mean I had one last reveal planned, but I’ve competed enough to know ANYTHING can happen

CD: Which brings us up to the ABBA mix lip synch showdown between yourself and Dusty. The crowd of almost five hudred was red hot at that point so I can only imagine the adrenaline you both were experiencing. Take us through that final number if you can.

AM: I thought okay, now it could actually happen. I was more relaxed at that point than the rest of the night. We had prepared so much material so to finally reach our last number of the competition was a relief. I tried to just deliver the first part honestly without taking it too seriously and was crossing my fingers my caftan/wig reveal would go smoothly. As soon as I got them off and saw and heard the crowd screaming I thought, ok you’re done, now just enjoy it! Watching the video of it later, I saw how suspicious both mine and Dusty’s lip syncs were but we had sooooo much to think about that night, something had to give.

CD: It was about three in the morning by that point and that crowd MAY have a had few in them by that point so I think any lip sync discrepancies weren’t picked up! Did you think you had done enough to win by the time the song had ended?

AM: Honestly, yes. Something about this competition falling at this time in my life made me feel free to think bigger and go bigger. I fulfilled ideas and fantasies in these two and half months that I’ve been dreaming of for ages. That last reveal was like a little spray out of the Redi Whip can saying I put my special stamp on this thing! But I also was ready for it to go to Dusty. I’ve been into her from the first night we met this summer on Fire Island and this competition brought us together as friends. We have a lot of common ground but are so different. I loved competing with her. I could see us competing together in another major competition!

CD: Iron Chef America?

AM: Yes! Can’t you just see us applying our foundation using a butter/flour roux?!

CD: I smell a ratings bonanza for the Food Network! I’d rather watch you two bitches than Guy Fieri!

AM: *Laughs*


CD: One of my favorite moments of the whole evening was seconds after you were crowned the winner, you went over and raised Dusty’s hand as well. If I were capable of emotion, it might have brought a tear to my eye. Was that something spontaneous?

AM: Totally spontaneous. We all won and I wanted to celebrate her and her achievements. Also I’m a lesbian.

CD: So you’re the planning stages of your own show now and you’ll a part of Paige Turner’s Christmas show at New World Stages on December 9th as well, beyond that, what’s next for Alexis Michelle?

AM: I’m starting a brand new brunch at Shadow Boxers (seatings at 12 and 2) in Times Square this Sunday with my sis Brita Filter and hosted by the luminous Honey Davenport. My show Superwoman continues at The West End with Schwa de Vivre although we will have a new day and time for that in the new year. Dusty Ray Bottoms, Brita and I really want to collaborate on a new show so someone book and pay us please? You’ll get a taste of us together at the Glammy Awards on January 13th where we three are nominees for ‘Breakthrough Artist’ and will be performing!


CD: Well, I know you’re on the go today so we can wrap this up here my dear. I just wanted to say I am so happy for you and so proud of you! I’m thrilled I was there to witness it all first hand! I have to add you’re a really good hugger! You were hugging everything that wasn’t nailed down after you won! Any parting words of wisdom Alexis?

AM: Don’t do drag. It’s expensive. Just kidding, if it’s in your heart go for it, but know it’s some of the hardest work you’ll ever do and only glamorous about 10% of the time!