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Spencer’s Spotlight: Azealia Banks and “Broke with Expensive Taste”


For years now, the world has been waiting for the next supreme to rise and lead the peasantry to the promised land. On November 6, 2014… Azealia Banks finally came fourth and released her debut album. Behold… our next supreme!


The album is set up with sixteen songs. Each of them are different and each of them are amazing. I am having a hard time figuring out where to start when talking about this album. One thing that I love about this album is that the queen took songs from all over. She recorded a bunch of new songs, then she took a song from her mixtape “Fantasea” , as well as her hit song “212” that we all know. This album is Azealia’s official entrance into the industry showing off what she is about and I don’t think the world is ready.

She starts off the album with “Idle Delilah” a fun song that I can totally picture on the runway in Paris. Next up is “Gimme A Chance” where Azealia goes in on a rap and ends the song showing off her vocals….in Spanish? She then proceeds to rap in Spanish. The badassery is on a different level. I know you are probably confused but It makes me wish I was 15 and Hispanic, I totally would have played this at my quinceanera. It’s so catchy! Azealia then starts the song “Desperado” with some smooth jazz… So soothing. Just kidding the smooth jazz quickly turns into a classic Azealia Banks sounding rap and my weave was instantly snatched. The next song is “JFK”.. I think this is the only song on the album I don’t really care for.. I don’t hate it.. I just skip it often I don’t know why.. Maybe someone can tell me why I am not a fan of it. Then finally one of the defining songs of Azealia Banks comes on… 212…YASSSSSSSSSSSS. Who doesn’t love this song. Every time this song comes on at a party, club, or runway I instantly get so turned up. I mean who can forget all of those Azealia outfits with the spikes or that amazing video with her flawless dance moves and mickey mouse shirt. Ugh I love it.

 “Wallace” is the next song. It is a beautiful mixture of flawless vocals and freaking fast rap. This song really shows off Azealia’s talent I can’t even handle it. The next song is so badass. I just have to have it for one of my future runway shows. “Heavy Metal and Reflective” is a perfect song that kind of just wants you to put on your best outfit, walk outside, and just show everyone how supreme you are. It’s too strong!

The next three songs are flawless. “BBD” is amazing. My friends and I get so down to this song. It’s just a bad song for bad people. Ugh don’t you just wish you and Azealia were best friends. I wish. Azealia take me on tour with you I can be your costume designer or something. Gahhhh. The next song is “Ice Princess” which blows that disney movie out of the water. The lyrics are so fierce and then the vocal club sounding part really is a great transition. Its just such a good song and you can really hear the whole ice theme. This would make a amazing music video I can already picture it. But the next song has my heart. This song was released last year actually but the supreme brought this song onto this album because it is freaking flawless and the whole world should scream along to it. The one and only “Yung Rapunxel”. This song is so fierce, it gives me chills. Azealia literally is screaming and I can’t even handle how cool it is. The music video is even better. I just….ugh play this at my funeral. Not for the faint of heart nor to be used as a ringtone while at church.

The next song is definitely on my top 3 of the album. “Soda” is probably one of the catchiest, most fun songs I have ever heard in my lifetime. I already have it memorized and my friends probably hate me because I perform it for them daily. Icy Cola Coca, Sprite I love the mosta, I ride rolla costas, I try all the cultures…..ohhhh I just… I  can’t with this song its literally Grammy worthy. Next up is one of the biggest songs on the album and the latest single. “Chasing Time” is an amazing song filled with heart stopping vocals and powerful rapping. Plus the music video is another artistic masterpiece that is dominating the world currently. The outfits in the video too..just ugh…Shhhh no more words.. just watch it.

We are nearing the end of this masterpiece. Speaking of “masterpiece” this next song came off of the “Fantasea” mixtape and it is probably one of my top 3 as well. “Luxury” is just amazing. This song also shows off Azealia’s perfect vocals and then goes into one of the best raps I know. Then she has a music video for it and…ohhhhh… Whoever styled this video needs an award because it is genius. I love it so much. The outfits is this video put me on my death bed I love it so much. Watch it now!

The next song is probably one of the weirdest songs you are going to hear all day but I still love it…”Nude Beach A Go-Go”. The song sounds so weird and it sounds like it is on the wrong album. But at the end of the day… this is Azealia Banks we are talking about and she doesn’t give a f***, so why should we. This song sounds like a twisted Azealia idea of what a Christmas song should sound like and I love it! Plus her vocals are amazing in it! You can’t deny that for a second! Then we begin the “Miss” series first with “Miss Amor” which is a great song which I am so happy that she saved for the end. Then we have “Miss Camaraderie” which is another song that sounds so Azealia, It starts with her whisper voice and then goes into a full force rap. I just love it I can’t.

This album is amazing. “Broke with Expensive Taste” is a perfect showcase of Azealia’s talent. She has a beautiful voice. She is probably one of the best rappers to ever exist. Her dancing is always so fun. Her outfits are literally iconic and her music videos are a perfect definition of art. The wait for this album was totally worth it. Azealia is not letting the industry change her as an artist nor as a person and it is totally paying off. This her time now so step aside Beyonce, Iggy, Nicki Minaj…whoever else out there. The true supreme is rising. All I can say is… Azealia we need to be best buds. I want to design for you so bad. Ugh!


Buy Azealia Banks’s new album “Broke With Expensive Taste” on ITunes, and Amazon 

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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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