American Horror Story:
Freak Show –
Tupperware Party Massacre

Ok…I’m just gonna say what we’re all thinking…

Y’all there is no story that has been happening here. There hasn’t been for a while. Just really skilled actors making nothing something. They have hinted are just getting into it….and then BOOM….Jimmy Big Girl storyline? What? I mean…obviously they moved on fast, but they need to keep on with the Jimmy vs Dandy storyline. I’m hoping they move forward, but as it would be, this episode didn’t do much to push anything forward. While normally the show has screwed up it’s own story at this point, but now there isn’t really a story passed Dandy happening.

If there is no takeaway from this it is that Finn Wittrock could act and make all the shortcomings of the episode.

In summation, Tupperware Party Massacre, has told us:

“’Dark cloud on the horizon’ is talking about Gabby Sidoube…Ryan Murphy thinks he’s great at subtlety. No….the actual fuck with this Jimmy/Big Girl Storyline. Swallowing was all the rage with 50s liberal ladies. We would ALLLLL let Dandy in. How did Gabby Sidoube not hear the gunshot even though she was staying there. Dandy’s ass for supporting actor? IT GETS BETTER! COME OUT CLOSETED GAYS! This episode REALLY wants to be topical. No. I mean…I know this has been longing time coming but Siamese twincest….never ok. Actors need a story to tell.”

Ok…go home American Horror Story: Freak Show…you’re as drunk as your protagonist.

Keep geek.