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    The Lost Award: NS4W 2014 Tweeter of the Year


    So I know this one is going to be hard to believe but we screwed up. More precisely, I screwed up. One of our Year End Awards completely fell through the cracks during Awards week and I have no one to blame but myself. Not even Sidney. Fortunately, all is not lost for there is still time to let democracy have its say with one last award poll to be determined before the reveal of all the winners on the December 30th! So the final award, the lost award shall we say, is for the NS4W 2014 Tweeter of the Year! These are my personal favorites, the ones that make logging on Twitter worthwhile. They range from inspiring, to thought-provoking to outright hilarious. Let’s take a peek at the nominees, shall we?


    Jack Mackenroth:

    Does Jack know that he is more than good-looking enough to not need to be this funny? Seriously, you can have a developed body or a developed personality but not both. My future ex-husband is the kind of overachiever that ruins it for the rest of us.

    Follow Jack here.

    Mrs. Betty Bowers:

    “America’s Best Christian” might anger some folks on the religious right but for the more open-minded amongst us, she raises valid questions about religion, morality and values that more people would be well served to ponder. Plus she’s prayed for my eternal soul which, let’s be honest, is most likely on a highway to hell.

    Follow Mrs. Bowers here!

    Lesli Margherita:

    One of the stars of Matilda on Broadway, Lesli is absolutely hilarious. Whether she is posting about her understudy needing butt pads to fit into her costume, nerding out about Star Wars, sharing pictures of her RIDICULOUSLY cute dog or just posting about carbs, Lesli is the BFF you always wanted….but you can’t have her because she’s my BFF. (Disclaimer: Lesli is only my BFF in my awesome dream life. In reality, she mildly tolerates me)

    Follow Lesli here.

    Billy Porter:

    I’ll be the first to admit that being the snarky SOB I am, inspirational tweets aren’t usually my thing but Billy’s tweets seem to come from such a genuine place, that they resonate with me. Whenever the star of Broadway’s Kinky Boots is ready to hang up his red thigh highs, he has a career as a motivational speaker waiting for him if he wants it.

    Follow Billy here!

    More often than not, Caprice’s tweets make me angry, angry that I didn’t come up with a tweet that good. That is the sign of some high quality social media. The beautiful author/screenwriter begrudgingly makes me laugh on a daily basis.

    Follow Caprice here!



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