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Sitting With Spencer: Bijou Bentley and Liz


sitting with spencer


Recently I got a chance to speak with one of America’s finest drag couples… Bijou Bentley and Liz! I first found them on Tumblr during the “Tumblr’s Drag Race” competition. After they slayed the competition, I began to watch grow there after. Finally I decided it’s time to reach and do a interview with these two to get inside their heads. Now without further ado, Bijou and Liz!


Spencer- Liz and Bijou Bentley, what a pleasure it is to speak with you guys! How are you?

Bijou- I’m doing well! I’ve been busy with work and school but aside from that I can’t complain.

Liz- I’m great dear! How are you?


Liz and Bijou


Spencer- I’m glad to hear it! Oh you know the usual… school, work, sleep, and repeat. So I brought you guys here because of several reasons. One, you are both good at what you do and people obviously recognize that. Two, you are guys are probably the cutest drag power couple out there!

Liz- Oh stop! You’re making me blush haha

Bijou Bentley- Ahh! I’m flattered! We’ve spent a lot of time practicing our craft and are continuously improving and helping one another to get better!

Spencer- I can totally tell! It has been fun watching you two grow from the beginning of TDR up to this point! Can I ask what brought this power couple together?



Liz- Bijou got me started doing drag. I thought it was nasty and weird that someone would dress up as a woman, but once I got that wig on I just knew I wanted to keep doing this and turn it into an art form.

Bijou Bentley- As far as how we met: We met online almost 6 years ago and hit it off almost right away. Then in 2011, we were finally able to meet up in person and soon after Omar made the trip from California to Pennyslvania and the rest is history.

Spencer- What a romantic story! You guys are too cute. So why drag? What is it about drag that is motivating you guys to grow like you have?

Liz- Well for me, it would have to be the creative outlet it provides for me. I’m a double major in civil and architectural engineering, so I deal with math all the time and even before that I was only really good at math. Once I found drag, it gave me a chance to create my own art and I’d like to say that I’m pretty good at it. I always look at artists and I get jealous that they make such beautiful art and this is my own thing where people can be jealous at my art. And I say that without trying to sound snotty haha

Bijou Bentley- I’m sort of the opposite, I guess? I’ve always been artsy and have always loved drawing and creating outlandish characters. Eventually the painting just made its way from the canvas to my face! It’s really nice now because Bijou (as a character) has become a muse of sorts and drag in general inspires a lot of my artwork. The art world also has an impact on my drag to a degree.

Sitting With Spencer: Bijou Bentley and Liz 73

Bijou Bentley


Spencer- I really like both of your answers! Drag is an art form just like painting, fashion, and music are. Who would you say are some of your biggest inspirations on your drag personas?

Liz- At first glance you wouldn’t think I get inspired from what I do haha. Some of my biggest inspirations currently are people like Ryan Burke, Cherdonna Shinatra, Alexandra Merino. I love anything that is interesting and different than what people are used to seeing. Of course I get a lot of my inspiration from Raven from RPDR, but I don’t always look at other drag queens all the time. If I had more time I would love to do all these interesting looks, but I’m always so busy doing one thing or another.

Spencer- So where do you guys plan on going with your drag? Do you plan on taking it further or do you have other plans?


Liz and Bijou


Liz- I do plan on taking my drag further with performing and such. I don’t see it as a career opportunity as some other people do. It’s a fun hobby to do every once in awhile and if I make money off of it doing what I love, then why not right?

Spencer- Of course! Love what you do and do what you love!

Bijou Bentley-I really don’t know what I plan to do with drag! For now I’m just having fun and I’m not sure if I’m outgoing enough to make a career out of it. I think it would be a lot of fun but I’m a pretty reserved person.

Spencer-  Of course. I mean I’ve seen both of your guys work and I think you both have what it takes to do big things with your drag, but I totally understand what you mean. Some of us strive for a quieter life, and there is nothing quiet about drag!

So I originally discovered you guys through this online competition known as Tumblr’s Drag Race. Would you care to explain what that is?

Bijou Bentley- Tumblr’s Drag Race is an online competition modeled after RPDR with mini challenges and main challenges each week. The girls get eliminated each week until we have a winner! I was the winner of the second cycle and Liz won All Stars where 16 previous competitors came back for a second chance.


Bijou Bentley


Spencer- I love it! It gives a chance to lots of those amateur queens out there to practice their craft and lead them into the path to success. I mean look at the royal couple “Bijou and Liz”!

Bijou Bentley- Yeah, it’s nice because while RPDR isn’t as much about learning, TDR really helps girls (some who have only done drag a few times) really blossom and find their drag personas.

Liz- Pretty much what Bijou said about the competition, with each cycle becoming better than the last with challenges and the stuff people create. I do have to say that the competition is not about the crown but exploring your drag, all the winners have been able to adapt to all different kinds of drag which I think is a skill anyone should practice. In my opinion, I think a drag queen is more interesting doing different stuff and surprising people than having one specific look, regardless of how beautiful it can be.




Spencer- I totally agree! I think everyone should take a look at the competition and catch up on all of the fun, or maybe if they have a Tumblr account they should try and audition!

Well, Bijou and Liz, my favorite drag super couple…it has been quite a pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to talk with me and I cannot wait to see where you guys go in life whether it is with drag or in general!

Liz- Thank you for interviewing us!

Bijou Bentley- Of course!! Thanks for taking that time to get to know us! We’re always happy to share!


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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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