2015 Comic Book Movie of the Year

2015 felt almost like a rebuilding year if we want to speak in terms of sports. While Marvel seemed to be firmly holding onto its title after coming off mega hits in Captain America: The Winter Solder and Guardians of the Galaxy, there was very little to offer from anyone else, so, let’s take a look at the very brief list of offerings in 2015.






First on the list is a team that has been around for quite a while, we’ve seen them in different forms, and now, in the latest reboot and offering, Fox brings the Fantastic Four back to the big screen. Looking at the cast, it was fairly well rounded. Miles Teller, Kate Mara, soon to be(if not already) megastar Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell are all talented actors, but, as seen in the past, the latest attempt didn’t seem to crossover to film as well as one would wish. Still, people held onto hope, the trailer looked somewhat promising, but, like most films, eventually it had to deliver. Did it fall short or did it meet the mark? That’s for you to decide.




Next up is yet another offering from Fox, maybe not as familiar to the comic world as its predecessors, Kingsman: The Secret Service entered the arena and brings Mark Millar and Dave Gibbon’s characters to life through Colin Firth and Samuel L. Jackson. Samuel L. Jackson is usually safe money when standing in line at the box office, sure, not all his movies are fantastic, but, at minimum, they are usually fun and memorable. Great action, wonderful use of music, and it wasn’t afraid to be funny at times. Rarely, and maybe never a dull moment. Could this be the comic book movie of the year? It’s made a solid case.




Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out swinging; the movie starts out with a nice scene of the assembled Avengers storming Hydra, not as individuals, but as a cohesive unit. As the film goes on we start seeing more about each individual. Hawkeye’s life outside the team, Tony seemingly riddled with PTSD, the list goes on and on. Enter the bad guy in the form of Ultron and he’s kind of handing them their collective asses. The movie had a lot going on at once, tying in old stories, setting up new, and bringing in new characters. A fun ride, but, it seemed more intent on trying to close the door on the last Phase that Ant-Man would completely close the door on.



Which brings us to Ant-Man, the end of Marvel’s second phase of movies. Some moaned at the thought of funny guy Paul Rudd becoming a super hero, but, hopefully by the end of the film, those opinions were changed. It seems many had low expectations; this wasn’t what people were really expecting. We see a man who was about out of chances and who just couldn’t get it together. A man with a daughter he loved dearly and a life that was torn apart by his choices. This movie gives not only Scott Land (Rudd) a second chance, but, it seems to give Hank Pym another chance as well. The key to its success lied in not only the great visual effects, tie-ins, and action…but, it wasn’t afraid to give us feelings. You felt empathy, you could feel anger, and at times you could laugh out loud.


So that’s it, while 2016 is about ready to blow our minds with offerings of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, Batman Vs. Superman, Captain America: Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse, Suicide Squad and Deadpool (and maybe someone else will sneak something in), 2015 didn’t seem to have much going on, but, when you’ve got a slate like 2016 and going into 2017…you can’t have blockbuster films all around. So, stay tuned, trailers are dropping left and right, and finally, we seem to have a potential for these studios to really go to war and represent their respective properties extremely well.


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