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    Freak Show Revue DOUBLE FEATURE: Orphans & Magical Thinking


    American Horror Story:
    Freak Show –

    This week’s episode went in a direction that American Horror Story so rarely goes. It went to a place that it has limited, if any, experience with: Sweetness.

    Yes, the episode was focused around one of AHS’ most beloved character, Pepper, who we met in season 2. This episode of American Horror Story gave us something this season has truly lacked: Someone to root for. I did not expect to be emotionally invested, yet I was. Elsa even showed a sincere side, which at this point in the season is a bit out of place, but the scene with Elsa leaving Pepper might be one of the most emotionally charged moments the show has ever had. We need to give the actress who plays Pepper a lot of cred. Not only does she endure the make up…but she can turn out a helluva performance.

    Sweetness wasn’t the only first to occur in this episode, this was also the first time American Horror Story has ever truly connected the season in such a major way. Seeing Lily Rabe reminded me just how great she is and just how she was the only redeeming part of the train-wreck known as American Horror Story: Asylum. It will be interesting to see how much further they take the connection of the shows or if it will be more of “Once in a while” thing.

    The sweet side of things aside we have a problem: There are three more episodes left and the story has barely advanced. This is another example of unusual for the show, while the show normally goes bonkers, it at least is telling a story. We will now have to rush through with the story and it sadly is too late. Yes the characters are unique and interesting but with three episodes left, what is their path to the finish line, and the conclusion that that Time Magazine suggests?

    Another thing this episode emphasized what the character pairings: Every season Denis O’Hare and Jessica Lange are in together, they are playing similar roles: Denis O’ Hare is a lap dog (to some extent) to Jessica Lange. This time the roles are reversed. I say this only to say how glad I’m glad these wonderful actors are able to get to work with each other to such a great extent. The other pairing is Angela Bassett (who is still being wasted) and Emma Roberts. They play ok off each other, but their budding coupling up is forced and in no way as natural as it could be. Yes both men in their life are up to no good, but that is the key point to their bond and it’s not even a reason they know they share. The really good side here is that Emma Roberts is getting to work with such a talent like Angela Bassett that her performance has gotten better and in the long run (of her career) Roberts will be able to grow as a result of this pairing making her up her game.

    In Summation, Orphans, has told us.

    “Pepper is crying, you’re about to be in for some straight up sadness. Hey look….they’re giving Angela Bassett something to do……10 episodes in. Human beings can be bought for Dr. Pepper. Emma Roberts is NO Miss Cleo. As a paper boy, Emma Roberts looks like Anne Hathaway…I have no clue what that means past it being true. Remember Pepper crying earlier? Well now you’re about to do it when Jessica Lange leaves her. Remember Lily Rabe and how underutilized she was, well she’s back for a minute to remind you how much you miss her. Dandy’s ass won’t be featured in this episode #SadFace. Pepper’s sister tho. Jessica Lange might survive after all. Admit it, you kept expecting to see Sister Jude at some point. Seriously…how much do we miss Lily Rabe on this show?”

    Ok, 3 more left, if they have a plan to tie this up…last week’s episode woulda been the time to start, so let’s hope you make up the time.


    American Horror Story:
    Freak Show –
    Magical Thinking

    Ok…what just happened? I mean…I’m not shocked but seriously…what the hell just happened? Category is…NOTHING…until the last 3 minutes.

    I have nothing really to say acting wise about this episode mainly because no one was pushed forward.

    Here is the problem with this season, they have been so afraid of messing up the story, that they haven’t presented one, but at episode 11, we are aware of what little story exists. Characters are like pawns in chess. They might be part of the story and can be visually engaging, but they aren’t enough to push the game forward to it’s conclusion….yet we have two episodes left till this seasons conclusions.

    How was NPH? Really good…obviously…but his involvement and why Elsa sold it to him was abrupt and made such little sense I don’t think it is even worth breaking down.

    In Summation, Magical Thinking, has told us:

    “We all wondered if Denis O’Hare handed Jimmy poppers. Where’s Dandy? Ok…it’s a pretty cool way to have Jamie Brewer into the show. No, we did not see a definitive reason for Elsa needing to pack. Where’s Dandy. Eve is totally a junkie for committing crimes. The freaks were shocked about the storage unit of random stuff…yet they are the ones that move everything the their TRAVELING freakshow. THERE’S Dandy…and he believes that police officers are his Private Detectives. NPH’s wis totally looked like a second rate and sane Drusilla. If you didn’t get my last line, please go educate yourself. Anyone with a composition notebook could buy something from Elsa. Dandy hates PETA. They are STILL wasting Angela Bassett, despite her being perfect. Maggie Stole something from a museum without any help cause…she can…apparently. Only three minutes of this episode mattered.”

    Ok…well you all have read enough, and I’ve read this show enough, so let’s just hope for a strong last two episodes. Ready…BREAK!

    Keep geek.


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