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Sidney vs The (Marvel Cinematic Universe’s) Week – 1/30/15


Ok Week…what do you have for me? Bieber?! SERIOUSLY?! They want Chris Pratt as Indiana Jones?! EWW, what?! Ok…Marvel…what do your week’s have for me? Oh….oh……oh my.

Captain America Goes Missing As War Comes to a Close – Wait…that corny actor selling War Bonds, was seriously a Captain in the Army?!

Tony Stark is Iron Man – Billionaire superhero, someone is a Batman super fan.

Flame Throwing Robot Attacks Small Town– …is “Robot Attack” what we’re calling meth lab explosions now?

Aliens Attack New York – So yeah, apparently aliens exist and suck. I know they destroyed NYC and a bunch of people died…but it kinda looked like The Avengers did as much damage saving the day.

S.H.I.E.L.D HQ, Apparently Run By Nazis for Years, Destoyed – Oh, ok…fuck this…I’m moving to Canada.

Xandar Attacked By Kree – Oh, ok…fuck this, I’m moving to Earth.

And the Champion ISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS………up to you…all those things are kind of horrifying, I’m moving to the mountains (read: going for a cocktail…or five)!

Keep geek.



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