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    The Interview: Pusse Couture



    Chiffon Dior: I’m so excited that you made this time to talk with me. As the reigning winner of Drag Race, I know your schedule is…..wait, you’re not Bianca. Pusse Couture? You’re still here? I thought they ran you out of New York City?

    Pusse Couture: Laughs Not yet! Four days!!

    CD: Well, since you’re here already and everything, I guess I can talk with you. How are preparations for the move coming along?

    PC: Pretty good, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of stuff, I’d like to only move with like four suitcases but I’m having a hard time parting with a lot of costumes! And I don’t want to see other queens in them!

    CD: You know they’ll just stink them up!

    PC: Exactly!

    CD: So let’s hop in the Delorean and travel back in time a bit, shall we? Where are you from originally?

    PC: West Springfield Massachusetts, two hours west of Boston.

    CD: Wicked awesome! What was your first exposure to the world of drag?

    PC: I had a few friends when I first came out that were queens, I thought it was so fun! I loved the allure of it all. My background is in hair and makeup. I picked it up on my own, I’ve always been the artistic type, so makeup was just easy!



    CD: So did you get your start in drag up in Massachussetts?

    PC: Yes, I was like nineteen I think. I just did it for fun!

    CD: Just once right? It was going to be one time only?

    PC: Started that way. laughs

    CD: When did you realize you were bitten by the drag bug?

    PC: I’d say after Doing it a few times, I didn’t really get going until I got to the city.

    CD: How did you wind up in New York City?

    PC: I always had big city dreams and visited New York a lot of a kid. I waas working freelance for MAC cosmetics and an opportunity came up for me to transfer and I’m jumped on it!

    CD: What was your first break when you moved here?

    PC: I’ve been very lucky since I arrived here. After months and months of going out in looks, Brian Rafferty actually gave me my “first gig”. I hosted his Pride party at Griffin! That was my like first time having my name on a fierce party

    CD: Nice segue for me to talk about your drag name! Where did Pusse Couture come from?

    PC: My best friend Shannon and I were stoned one night tossing names back and forth. She said I looked like Paris Hilton, so I said Paris Couture. She said Pussy Galour, I said Pusse Couture and we laughed and just thought that was a name that sticks!



    CD: What are some of your best memories of your time in the city? (Aside from meeting me at the finale of So You Think You Can Drag this year of course.)

    PC: Haha!! Oh my gosh so many, a lot I can never repeat! laughs Opening for Hilary Duff and Nicole Scherzinger at Marquee, talking shit with Cher at her album release party, helping Courtney Love find her table at the chic restaurant I worked at for a minute! Those are definitely the stand outs!

    CD: While I take a moment to pick up all those names you just dropped, let me ask what was your favorite performance that you’ve done here?

    PC: My Glam awards performance! Julius Rubio choreographed exactly what I wanted to do. I knew all the industry people would be there and I just wanted to leave them with something that was very true to myself!

    CD: One of the things I’ve been talking about recently with the gurls is how with some of the more established queens in NYC (like Bianca) for example moving on to new stages of there career, there is room for new stars to emerge. What gurls do you think are poised to become the next big stars in the city?

    PC: Well my daughter Chelsea Piers of course! Lexi Thomas is another one! And before I get in trouble, I’m just going to leave it with those two!



    CD: So is there any truth to the rumor that you’re leaving New York because you couldn’t take Porsche Pink talking about Harry Potter any more?

    PC: Laughs Porsche talking about anything is enough to drive you away!

    CD: So Porsche aside, why LA, why now?

    PC: Why not? I’ve been playing with the idea for awhile. I think it’s smart to expand my “brand” and be bicoastal. I want Pusse everywhere, and what better way than having a hold on two major cities?

    CD: So do you have an actual plan or are you just playing it by ear?

    PC: I have an overall plan, but for the most part I’m just going with it!!



    CD: Aside from this glorious weather, what is going to be the biggest thing you miss about the Big Apple?

    PC: The friendships I’ve made, this week has been really emotional and I’m not at all an emotional type of person but I know some truly incredible people!!

    CD: Do you need a tissue?

    PC: Laughs no, I’m good now.

    CD: On the other end of the spectrum, what are you looking forward to most about getting out to LA?

    PC: New inspiration for my looks!!!! I just think being the new girl is going to make me work harder and push my looks further!

    CD: What do you have on your bucket list of goals you want to accomplish?

    PC: Oh my gosh, I wanna do a shot with Oprah!

    CD: What kind of shot do you think Oprah would do? I’m guessing Jägermeister!

    PC: Oh no! PATRON!!!

    CD: Well be sure to post that on Instagram if it happens!

    PC: Omg the day that happens!!!!!!




    CD: Is there anything you would like to shamelessly promote before we wrap things up?

    PC: Just keep watching! I have a lot planned for LA and I’m excited to share with everyone!!!! Oh and follow @pussecouture on all social media!

    CD: Thank you so much for your time Pusse and best of luck on your adventures in LA! Do you have any final words of wisdom for our readers before we call it a night?

    PC: I guess just to have fun! Make light in every situation! And be nice!



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