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    Sidney vs The Week 2/26/15


    Whew! Week…you came haaaaarrrrrd this week…..I’m impressed….I don’t even think you have a kitchen sink anymore.

    Let’s start with Sunday.

    The Oscar’s Happened – Whew…where do I begin? Wait….I got this.

    The 87th Academy Awards, in Summation – NPH did a musical number to open the show, pause for shock. After there are no black people nominated for any acting award, they make Octavia Spencer watch NPH’s Oscar Predictions…right. J. Jonah Jameson wants you to call your family, Patricia Arquette wants you to give women equal wages, YAY! (but wants you to stop fighting for black and gay rights to do so….oh). One hour break for tears beginning with Terrence Howard, then Common and John Legend’s performance, then their subsequent speech LAAAAAAADYYYYY GAAAAAAAGAAAAA, The Imitation Game writer’s speech, and then the In Memoriam…which did not feature Joan Rivers…because….awful. Julianne Moore is ALWAYS everything. Eddie Redmayne…aww…<3. Sean Penn apparently also works for INS.”

    Madonna Falls At Brit Awards– Oh she’s fine…have you seen them muscles…or the guy that pulled her down?

    Xtina Did This ^ – Can Christina sing Britney’s next album?

    Lady Gaga Also Did This – Cause killing it at the Oscars was NOT enough, she now has to do it (literally) on AHS.

    Arizona Can’t Catch Llamas – It’s just too sad to joke on.

    This Dress Took Over Your Timeline – Go home internet…you’re drunk.

    And the Champion of the Week issssssssssssssss….Lady Gaga because what a week….good for you girl. Now get on that album.

    Last you agreed with my selection of SNL Turning 40? Are we on the same page again? Let me know.

    Well done week…proud of you.


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