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    What The Walking Dead: Remember


    Welcome back fans! Another week, another stressful episode of The Walking Dead. This episode had almost nothing in it, which is why it was so stressful. Now lets break it down so we can all voice our suspicions…

    So this week our group made it to this place called Alexandria… and our group walks in and of course they have to do the weapon thing. But our group is made up of a bunch of bad-asses so they get to keep their weapons because no one is going to take them away… Well until later.

    The group enters and Rick meets this women named Deanna. She used to be a congresswomen… Have our group finally met their match. But so far she is actually quite….sweet… which is why this whole thing is weird. She tells Rick she wants them to be apart of the group. They give Rick and his people homes… and showers… and electricity. What the hell is going on here? Rick completely shaved. He doesn’t even look the same?


    So Rick is very sketched out… Carol is wearing ugly clothes… Daryl is in the fetal position on the balcony. This whole thing is just weird I can’t say that enough. Glenn, Tara, and Chris Rock have to go searching for supplies with some group of assholes who already lived in Alexandria. These new characters apparently find pleasure by shooting this walker that they have strung up because he eat one of their friends. But when they get there the walker is gone… It comes out of no where and the two new characters are trying to capture it.. All in all it gets thrown at Tara so Tara and Glenn kill it. The group gets pissed at each other and they get in a fist fight back at Alexandra. Daryl jumps in because he hasn’t killed in like a day but Rick and Michonne break it up. Deanna tells the fighters to break it up and announces that Rick’s group is here to stay and they need to be treated as such. She then thanks Glenn for putting this guy on his ass. This Deanna lady is dope! Lets just hope she isn’t another monster. Deanna puts Rick and Michonne in charge of being the peacekeepers.

    So in summary, this whole situation is weird. Deanna is too good to be true-ish… Nothing adds up. It’s too quiet. I don’t feel okay with it at all… The only thing I appreciate is that Alexandra Breckenridge from American Horror Story is in this weird town and I can get used to that… Hopefully next week we can figure out what is up with this place… especially with the final coming up in two weeks! Shout-out in the comments what you think!

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