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Pure Panda-Monium: The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer


It was a normal Wednesday afternoon, a little dreary here in the Midwest, a blanket of snow covered the ground as the cold air pierced my lungs as I return to my office from a late lunch…as I sit at my desk I receive a message, the message said Panda, there is a new avengers trailer.

Normally, I would rush to my trusty Google machine and search, but this is The Avengers, there is no time that! I request the link and our own Chiffon Dior promptly sends.

As YouTube launches I begin to get anxious, and suddenly it subsides. The world’s greatest heroes are here and they are bringing it in this new trailer. I watch and all I can muster in response are things that take the lord’s name in vain.

We hear Ultron begin to speak, a few quick glances of things, we begin to see familiar faces and then destruction on significant scale.

Is there any way to blame this mess on Henry Pym?

Is there any way to blame this mess on Henry Pym?

Tony brings us up to speed as the trailer continues to roll and we are treated to more amazing visuals, Tony does a great job in a short time explaining how we got to this point, a small montage of chaos continues as our heroes begin to spring into action.

The world they deliver feels ominous, the tone down right scary. The Avengers are getting their asses handed to them in various pieces as we’ve not really seen before. As the battle rages on, Thor challenges Ultron…”IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?”, the God of thunder exclaims in a primal roar, and Ultron shows us…he hasn’t even begun.


Dude! Shut up!


The team feels far more cohesive to me, they are discussing things and there is a point where they let us know that, there is real danger, there may not be any tomorrow for some of them.

As Ultron sends his forces into battle, the moment is thrilling and tense all at once, The Avengers are fighting back with everything they have as Ultron’s drones look near infinite, pouring in from all direction, being slaughtered as they approach, but, how long can our heroes maintain this level of fight in such an onslaught?

Then, as soon as you are ready to yell at the screen and you feel that rush of excitement, it ends…as we are given our first real glimpse at the face of The Vision. What a tease, magnificent. You beautiful sons of bitches!

What else can I say? Marvel Studios does it again. Anticipation through the roof! May 1st can’t get here soon enough. MAKE MINE MARVEL!

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