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    The BLING Comes To Sacramento (Plus Cher, Madonna and Michael!)

    The BLING in Sacramento

    I don’t think the capital of California has ever seen so much BLING in one place, as it did for last night’s corporate event. In front of 1400 attendees, BLING DIVAS along with fellow talents, Steven Andrade as Cher, Chris America as Madonna and Pete Carter as Michael Jackson, rocked the house with a HUGE production full of energy, sass and well, tons of sparkle!

    Opening the show for VSP’s corporate party, The Bling Divas took to the stage as showgirls (fitting with the company’s theme for the event being Las Vegas) and then performed backup for the subsequent three artists: “Cher”, “Madonna” and “Michael Jackson”, who rocked the house. Literally!




    The crowd went wild as Steven stepped onto the stage in all his glory as the incomparable CHER! Throughout the entire night, I could hear comments amongst the crowd wondering if it was really her?! Some truly believed their CEO pulled some strings and got Cher to come up to Sacramento! This was my first time (finally) getting to work with Steven. I have always admired his talent as a friend on Facebook – getting to see all his wonderful videos and photos. His transformation is mind blowing and he lives – I mean LIVES -on stage. My girls were so super excited to be dancing by his side!!!


    Working with a group of passionate, professional, beautiful people is any performer’s ideal situation…and that’s exactly what we got with Tatiana’s Bling Divas! From the moment we met, through rehearsals, and during the show, they were all amazing and could not ask for a more perfect team. Our client was extremely happy with the show and I am definitely looking forward to working with them again in the future! – Steven Andrade

    Next came the wonderful Chris America, as Madonna. Performing all the 80’s favorites and the audience went wild once again. Her uncanny resemblance to the pop queen and the fun line up of songs, was all that was needed to keep this crowd going.

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    Of course as the ‘roar’ went on for the entire forty five minute show! As the choreographer, I was quite proud and very pleased to be able to be out there incognito and take it all in first hand!

    When the client initially approached us for a show collaboration with Vegas themed dancers and a back up ensemble I immediately steered her in the right direction to Bling Divas Entertainment as they do full service, one stop production with their dance troupes, dazzling costumes and choreography for any themed events. Combined with the likes of a dead-on Cher impression by Steven Andrade and iconic Michael Jackson expressions and moves by Pete Carter – added with classic 80s Madonna we knew we had a winning production that would bring the house down. There’s nothing like reliving moments in time through performances that hold nostalgic qualities and the audience truly responded to the nuance and magic of our line up. – Chris America

    The show-stopper was when the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, performed wonderfully by Pete Carter, moonwalked his way onto the stage and shocked them all! The audience wondered if the rumors might actually be true. Could he still be alive?! During the Thriller number, a handful of guests even got up to do the dance, which of course, we all know and love! The energy was enormous and could have lit up the entire state if we could just bottle it up and plug it in!







    This entire show was held inside one of the halls of the Sacramento Convention Center, which appeared like a giant football stadium. Upon walking in for the first time, I thought, how the heck will we reach all these people in the back of the room?? Luckily, there were two giant screens set up on either side of the stage for all to be able to see the details of the performance. But heck, the talent on the stage shined so brightly, we could’ve done without those screens!


    After the show we were mobbed for pictures but what really made it so much fun for me as an entertainer was to receive a note from my brother in Silicon Valley the next day stating that one of his best friends wrote to tell him – hey guess who we saw performing at our event this weekend? Your sister with Cher and Michael! It was an incredible show and man, what a small world. We attended this huge event and finally got to see her perform. It was awesome! – Chris America


    The clients who hired us were thrilled, the CEO was astounded and wondered how they are going to top this for next time! Well, guess what VSP, we’re just a plane ride away, and we gladly travel to spread the BLING all over!!!


    For more on the Bling Divas, click here!


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