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Drag Queens

Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Ep2)


In this (again, very belated) recap: Pearl who really cares, the fake-nice Ginger Minj and a PSA from Sasha.




The safe girls go backstage: Jasmine obviously mistakes being “safe” with winning the whole show, Kennedy looks a bit under the weather and Pearl remains true to her ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ face. Speaking about continuity, can someone please find Jaidynn a new pair of shoes that actually fit? That’s the first drag queen that complains so much about her feet being sore!

The queens make themselves comfortable on the couch and while the discussion goes on, Pearl says something that everyone who’s been throwing shade about her attitude should write down: ‘That’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to me, that’s the most amazing thing that’s gonna happen to me. I CARE’. It’s a shame she wasn’t given “a moment” (Hi Laganja!) to elaborate on that, but it seems like the producers are saving her big emotional reveal for later.

The girls move on to discussing whose group was better. Kennedy throws some shade mentioning the ‘lack of rhythm’ in Trixies group (probably Miss Fame). Trixie tries to play nice and explain her choice for team members (receiving a disapproving side eye from Pearl), but really has nothing to apologize for – it’s still episode two and no one knows each others talents. Jasmine obviously likes to repeat herself (cocoon!) with the ‘you were our opening act’ mentioned several times during the discussion.

Trixie tries to defend herself by saying it was Katya who wanted the part with the monologue. Everyone in the room (and I’m guessing in front of the screens) seems to be genuinely disappointed that Katya didn’t live up to their expectations of being a comedy queen. But still, the number one sashay candidate is Sasha.




Jasmine and Trixie are clearly the most talkative ones in the room at the moment, so the conversation ultimately revolves around Trixie’s style of drag which Jasmine, being an old-school drag queen, doesn’t appreciate much. Trixie may try to play it nice, but I can definitely see that Jasmine had the ‘find some broken glass in your shoes’ experience, and no one should ever want to be on her bad side.

Ok, now for the really important question! Who is the hottest guy among the queens of this season? Jaidynn wants to ride Pearl’s face (which I bet would still have the IDGAF look), Trixie and Fame obviously have a little Rolaska thing going on.


Finally, the best and worst girls join the group. Am I the only one who feels that Violet would fit so much better in seasons 3 or 5? She would have made a great Heather or maybe changed the group to Rolaskatoxolet. Hopefully, the mean girls days of this show are not over and she’ll have a chance to open up more rather than being hissed upon.

By the looks of it Ginger Minj is starting to open up as a ‘fake nice girl’, when Pearl questions her jet-set eleganza look. She goes after Trixie as the obvious target. Notice her saying ‘I’m not throwing shade, oh well maybe I am’ and ‘I’m not reading you, I do like it. but…’.. And then going into the Laganja-style accusation of ‘I heard somebody say something but I don’t remember who’. Careful girl, this season doesn’t have as much editing as the previous ones, all this shade may work the opposite way around!


Ginger tops it off with one of the most judgmental comments that could ever come from someone: ‘It was hard to tell which one of you said it cause you all look so f**king alike’. But the editors immediately patch up her reputation by adding her super-elaborate praise to Pearl.

Unfortunately it seems like no one wants to cheer up Sasha, so Max (as the person who hasn’t said a thing during Untucked) is sent to give her a small pep talk. Unfortunately, she’s not to good of an actress to pull it off convincingly.



It’s a shame to see Sasha leave, but I think she gave one good piece of advice during her Untucked speech that I think all the wannabe-DragRace girls should remember. You THINK you’re going to do really good, but then when you’re on the show you end up in the bottom. Don’t be too ambitious, be realistic.

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Katya resides in Moscow, Russia and is probably the most loveable fag hag and drag enthusiast in her country. She was raised by gays and taught how to be a real woman by drag queens. her way to one. She’s your typical girly girl, but can also easily beat you in a game of Counter Strike, fix a gadget or change a tire. Katya is NS4W’s overseas correspondent and will be responsible for everything exciting that happens on the other side of the ocean.

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