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Drag Queens

Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Ep3)


Team Max looked like they were just glad to be safe so you’d think the episode would have a slow start. But oh wait, didn’t Trixie just say that she and Max went so school together? How come they didn’t mention that vital piece of information in episode one? I bet if we were on season 4-5 there would have been a side-scenario of Max and Trixie having a teen-rivalry of some sort… But let’s not get carried away.
Ginger Minj (whom I wanted to proclaim Miss Congeniality of the season) is showing her shady and bitter side by commenting that she didn’t like Max from the start. She tries to make it up with a ‘I thought you’d suck at this but you turned it’ compliment, which I didn’t really buy, but whatever. I foresee us discovering Ginger’s not-so-congenial identity in future  untuckings.


And of course, what is Untucked without a discussion of Violet’s attitude? The girls agree that she is a strong competitor, but also that she is very difficult to work with. I still can’t figure out how are they trying to paint her character. From what I’m getting, we are either going to witness either Violet’s meltdown or a moving revelation of her true sweet and vulnerable self (at least that’s what should happen in Drag Race editing logic). It’s funny how they’re showing Fame’s face when Ginger is questioning whether looks are all that Violet’s got up her sleeve.


It’s kind of obvious for everyone that Jasmine is going to be the one to sashay away because it feels that she had already packed her stuff and came to terms with the fact she’s leaving.


The losing team enters the room and you can see by the looks on their faces exactly how bad the judges critique was. Kennedy gives a very unconfident speech and calls out Violet for stating the obvious problem this group had, which was a lack of rehearsal. Then Kennedy started blaming her for not asking multiple times for additional rehearsals and basically goes off on a confusing rant in what I assume was an attempt to absolve herself of blame.


Jasmine states that $100,000 are not worth a few pimples on her chin. I really hope her face earns her a lot more since her runway look was a bit part of why she was the one who sashayed away this episode. Well, that’s about it, nothing much to say. Oh wait! Miss Fame talked about how wonderful she is and Kennedy feels her heartbeat through her cooch. Yes, now I’m finished. Till next week!

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Katya resides in Moscow, Russia and is probably the most loveable fag hag and drag enthusiast in her country. She was raised by gays and taught how to be a real woman by drag queens. her way to one. She’s your typical girly girl, but can also easily beat you in a game of Counter Strike, fix a gadget or change a tire.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christine Marie

    March 20, 2015 at 7:56 pm

    You’re fuckin’ funny Gurl.

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