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Drag Queens

Beyond the Face: Diana Dzhaketov





Sidney Stokes: Diana! Thank you for joining us! I just have to know….right now…who the hell are you and how did you get in my house?

Diana Dzhaketov: Well, I was walking my dogs and thought I’d just pop in! I hope it’s okay that I brought my dogs with me. I’m Diana Dzhaketov, the Black Russian Super Model, the Bond Girl of Drag…and I’m probably going to eat all your cheese.

SS:BUT! I had that cheese imported and paid double for it! Well…I guess it’s hospitable and Bond girls do deserve the finer things. So Diana, how did Diana come to be?

DD: Miss Dzhaketov, pronounced jack it off, spawned out of a whim. A former college friend of mine really wanted to do a Spice Girls night, with he and I as Ginger and Posh, respectively. I was like, hmmm well if I’m going to do Victoria I need to practice first and next thing I know I’m buying lady clothing and wearing double padded bras.

SS: That’s the most beautiful backstory I’ve ever heard. Is Posh your favorite or is there another one?

DD: Oh god, Victoria is everything! I fell in love with her super dry British humor! Eevee! Sarabi! Get off the couch!

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Beyond the Face: Diana Dzhaketov 13

SS: No no…it’s fine….sure I haven’t Scotch Guarded it and it was a brand new couch….but it’s fine.

IMG_6563 2


SS: Did you keep the Posh element to Diana?

DD: You know, I never thought about it. We actually still haven’t had that Spice Girls party so I haven’t even done a Victoria look yet! Plus, I smile and she never does.

SS: So what brought you and your smile to West Hollywood?

DD: I moved to Los Angeles from Virginia Beach, VA about eight years ago to attend the University of Southern California. I graduated with a degree in International Relations. I knew there was NO way I was moving back to the cold, fortunately, I met my husband right before deciding to move back home.

SS: Oh! Is your hubby a good ol’ southern boy?

DD: Ha no, he’s one of the few Angelinos who were actually born and raised here.

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Beyond the Face: Diana Dzhaketov 13

SS: Do you wanna dish and gush how you and your hubby met?

DD: We actually met at the USC at a Rainbow Floor, the community floor dedicated to LGBTQ residents, beach volleyball game. He was dating my next door neighbor at the time. We exchanged niceties and then I forgot about him. Once he and my neighbor broke up, we bonded over a shared liking of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

SS: Which luckily he did. I don’t believe in speaking with someone who doesn’t like Buffy, let alone marrying someone who doesn’t.

DD: OMG right? Any Joss Whedon creation really!

SS: I mean…duh. If they don’t, you give them a trial period in which you show them everything…if after that they aren’t a fan by either good taste or Stockholm Syndrome, you wish them the best.

DD: I concur full-heartedly.


SS: Now Diana, you obviously have excellent taste but tell us about your style. Do you have something that inspires what look you show off?

DD: My looks are inspired by a whole array of people, from Erykah Badu to Shirley Bassey, old school Vanessa Williams to Karen Walker. I love the classy elegance of the Bond girls but I love how none of them look the same.

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Beyond the Face: Diana Dzhaketov 13

SS: Do you have a favorite Bond girl?

DD: I love Pussy Galore but I mean, I can’t not say my favorite is Grace Jones.

SS: I think thats a law I read about, you legally must ALWAYS choose Grace Jones if Grace Jones is an option. So tell me, what is your favorite part of West Hollywood that keeps you coming back for more?

DD: Besides the daily onslaught of ripped men in tanks and short shorts? I honestly just love the down-to-earth vibe of West Hollywood. The shop owners and restaurant owners don’t take themselves too seriously. Wow, this cheese is actually really good.

SS: I wish I knew….

DD: I’ll eat you out of cheese and home.

SS: What are some of the things you hope to accomplish with your drag career?

DD: My main objective is just to travel the world meeting people who are passionate about what I’m passionate about. No, not cheese, drag! Twitter and social media have helped me to connect with so many people across the world and I’d love to meet them all. That would be the biggest accomplishment. Also when I met Katya she said we’d do an all-Russian duet together and I need that to really fucking happen!

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Beyond the Face: Diana Dzhaketov 13

SS: We ALLL need that duet to happen! Where, outside of West Hollywood, is your favorite place to perform and where would you most like to perform?

DD: I knowwww we’re thinking of TaTu “All The Things She Said”. Back home in Virginia Beach for sure. That stage is hugeeeeee. Plus it gives me a reason to go home and visit my family.

SS: I NEED that rendition of TaTu. Where would you absolutely LOVE to perform that you haven’t?

DD: G.A.Y. in London or Frigay in Lucerne , Switzerland!

SS: Ooooooooooo! I wanna go! I’ll bring airplane cheese!

DD: Let’s go now. The ultimate kiki! Since I ate all your cheese anyways

SS: Ok Diana, are you ready for the……



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Beyond the Face: Diana Dzhaketov 13

DD: Let’s do this!

SS:Who is your gay icon?
DD: Rihanna.

SS: What is your favorite song from the 90s?
DD: The Boy is Mine.

SS: What’s your favorite drink?
DD: Whole Milk.

SS: What is one thing people should NOT do to you at a club?
DD: Try to finger my butt…It happens more than you think.

SS: Where is your favorite place?
DD: My bed.

SS: What is your favorite piece of advice?
DD: Never let someone tell you you’re not worth every penny you think you are.

SS: OK Diana, you survived the Lighting Round and we have reached the last question. We, at believe that if you have something to promote then you know how to promote it sans shame….so tell us….what do you have to promote shamelessly to our readers?

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Beyond the Face: Diana Dzhaketov 13

DD: owned and operated by yours truly. Because I believe every woman should be able to eat to her heart’s content. Especially if it’s cheese. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

SS: Thank you for doing that important work. Diana this has been extremely fun! I look forward to rereading this and eating some chee….er…ice. Thank you so much!

DD: The pleasure was all mine. Ta ta!


Keep geek.


Written By

Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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