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Drag Queens

Retucked: The Untucked Recap (Wk 6)


We start Untucked with only Katya, Kennedy and Ginger in the room. And for the first time in 6 episodes Katya (who totally looks like Sea Holiday Barbie in that outfit) is not the first one to get a drink! Seriously, I thought there was some kind of pattern going on, but oh well, blame it on the shark leg!


Ginger is totally turning into the bitter Betty of the show. Basically, this whole episode is her projecting her bitterness onto everybody. Sometimes it comes off as funny, sometimes not so much.


‘So what you’re saying is… You had a costume, you had to make it fit the theme’


Ginger and Kennedy seem to be annoyed by most queens in the competition, but mostly by Max, who isn’t being criticized enough by the judges, and Pearl, whose look neither of them understood. You can see Katya get very uncomfortable in the middle there. I wish I could comment on what Kennedy was saying, but in all honesty, I didn’t get either of her references, nor her messed up diction.


Enter rest of the girls. Ginger can’t get over Max being praised and no one seems to be giving two f*cks about what Violet is feeling about her critique. Until she praises Pearl and cameras start repeatedly showing Kennedy’s stank face. To be honest, Kennedy’s negativity is pretty much the same every time and there’s just no point going into detail here for the millionth time. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!


Jaidynn gets emotional about her critique… And Ginger totally ruins that moment with yet another go at Max being unoriginal. Miss Fame gets a video message from her mom, which feels really rushed, especially with Fame previously mentioning she had been raised by her grandparents. Oh well.



Was it just me or did Violet do a brilliant impression on Ginger? Wish she would bring more of that to the stage, it’s nice to see she’s actually talking to people backstage. And Ginger does look desperate when trying to make it up to Violet by saying it wasn’t her she meant when talking about size 2 girls in corsets.

Oh well. Kandy, being as non-memorable as she is, did earn one title. She’s by far the least lovable and memorable Puerto Rican queen of Drag Race. Well, at least she got a hug from Ariana Grande who quickly snuck off somewhere. Probably to check on the pit crew?

Until next week, I’m Katya Kukureko and you’ve now been Retucked!

Written By

Katya resides in Moscow, Russia and is probably the most loveable fag hag and drag enthusiast in her country. She was raised by gays and taught how to be a real woman by drag queens. her way to one. She’s your typical girly girl, but can also easily beat you in a game of Counter Strike, fix a gadget or change a tire. Katya is NS4W’s overseas correspondent and will be responsible for everything exciting that happens on the other side of the ocean.

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