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Sidney’s Game Guide – The Wars to Come


Well Folks, here we are again, thank the gods, old and new, never make us wait again show. So if you didn’t know: shit is really fucked up. If you didn’t know that, then this is your first episode ever so please stop and go watch the first episode of Game of Thrones…now.

If, however, you ARE caught up, then you basked in the glory of this episode. The key point of this episode was bringing you back into the world and starting off by going forward with key moments from last season’s finale. In particular:

-Daenerys and her Control.

-Sansa and Her New Found Fierceness

-The Tyrion and Varys Buddy Comedy

-Jon Snow Finding New things to be Emo about.

I actually found it interesting that these are the stories being the focus because while the Tyrion and Daenerys stuff is always a crowd pleaser, Sansa and Jon are kinda new to the whole being intriguing to the audience thing. Being peppered in on one of the three episodes that always have the most interest going in (the other two being episode 9 and of course, the finale) was a really smart move by the showrunners to really highlight how important their stories are and might give a new appreciation to how important they have always been *COUGH*sansa*COUGH*.


I found all of it interesting how they wove the story through, even to the point of showing how close Brienne was to Sansa without knowing it. It all had the feeling of everyone getting closer to colliding, which only reinforced the message of an even bigger war on the horizon. The episode was strong as a whole, but there is a chance, next week might even feel like second part of the premiere.

I loved the muted tone in the look of the show. It made things really feel like things all the horrors up until this point have given the whole world a bleak outlook, even more so than ever. Everything looked, the production value, as always, looked even better. All of the sets, costumes, and aesthetic came back with a new fresh feeling.

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Sidney's Game Guide - The Wars to Come 3

That is the best part of this premiere is that it really does restart things for the show in some ways. It gives us our first flashback, it takes characters out of the places we are used to seeing them, and it really brings us to the edge of our seats and gives us a new love for a show many people already adore.

The Wars to Come, in summation:

“Cersei’s guards as a child were terrible and Casterly Rock’s Miss Cleo is NOT a fan of sanitary practice. Jamie didn’t feel the need to bang his sister at their father’s visitation….so apparently there is a line. Speaking of limits, Tyrion has one, but like a champ keeps goin. The Wall has a Salon cause Melisandre’s hair is a different shade of red. That guy with Loras is in awe of all Margery’s YAAAAASSSSSS! Daenerys = Daario getting naked=win. Awww Pod…don’t’ let Betty Who be mean to you, somebody loves you. Sweet shot Jon but I’m not sure Mance failed this or any city.”

Well I am so glad this show is back and I am so ready to bask in in, especially if it is as strong as this premiere.

Keep geek.


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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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