Welcome back boys and girls…..put down the pitchforks and torches everybody! I’m not the one who sent tonight’s queen home! But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Welcome to Talking Drag Race with Chiffon Dior. Our story begins tonight as the ladies enter the work room to Windex the last remains of Kandy Ho off of the mirror but the bitchiness starts almost right away.

“She looks like Tony the Tiger on crack.” – Violet talking about Kennedy’s runway look

The pressure is starting to get to some of the girls but fortunately, Katya seems to have a plan!

“My game plan going forward is to kill a couple of the girls to make it to the top.” – Katya

That seems a bit harsh honey. Maybe just Tonya Harding of few of these bitches and be done with it. No need to start hiding bodies. At least not yet. So RuPaul magically appears and this week, there is no mini challenge. Part of me is disappointed because I couldn’t wait to see what bit of inspired genius they had come up with next. My vote is for beer pong, or as I like to play it, Merlot pong. But my disappointment quickly fades as Ru announces tonight is the……


For those of you living under a rock that aren’t familiar with the rules for Snatch Game, I’ll let Katya explain them….


Wait, what? No that’s not right although it COULD be a spoiler for next week’s mini challenge to be honest. So the idea is you do your best impression of celebrity in a hilarious take on the old Match Game. This is where we separate the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff, the church from the state…well, maybe that one still needs some work.

But almost right away, drama ensues (shocking, I know!) as Miss Fame and Violet argue over which one of them can get to do Donatella Versace. It’s a moot point because neither of them will ever top this version of Donatella.



So Ru enters the workroom to discuss their characters with each queen. Basically she casts just a smidge of doubt on each one to make us think they’ve made a horrible mistake.  Especially Kennedy Davenport who decided to do Little Richard which would seem to be a no no in a drag competition. Also, Ru convinces Violet to change from Donatella to former Drag Racer, Alyssa Edwards. The queens’ characters ultimately break down as…..

  • Max: Sharon Needles
  • Jaidynn: Ravyn Simone
  • Katya: Suze Orman
  • Violet: Alyssa Edwards
  • Pearl: Big Ang
  • Fame: Donatella Versace
  • Kennedy: Little Richard
  • Ginger: Adele

Still in the work room, the pressure of the show is clearly getting to Katya who seeks out Miss Fame who is the other gurl there that is also sober. The two have a genuine moment on a show that sometimes lacks in that. Hopefully Katya, who has emerged as a major fan favorite, can keep it together because she is consistently one of the best queens this season.


Operators are standing by to take your call!


Now it was time for the Snatch Game, featuring special guests Tamar Braxton and Michael Urie. So as a whole this was a pretty good Snatch Game with Ginger’s Adele, Katya’s Suze Orman….


Violet’s Alyssa Edwards….


and especially, Kennedy’s bold move of doing Little Richard stood out.


On the other end of the spectrum, Miss Fame’s Donatella fell flat, Jaidynn’s Ravyn turned out to be a one note joke and Max’s Sharon Needles was just awful. Truly awful. Like CBS sitcom type awful. And after a “meltdown” (code for the magic of editing) on the runway, Max found herself in the bottom two with Jaidynn, while Kennedy and Ginger tied for the win.


Seriously, does Ru feed these gurls?


The two lip synched for their lives to the tune of “No More Lies” by Michel’le and once again, Jaidynn manages to stave off elimination, sending another beloved fan favorite home. But hold the phone! There is a shocking twist! It seems like Ru might be bringing one of our eliminated queens back and your campaigning on social media can help….even though this was filmed eight months ago. Oh well, it can’t hurt….. #JusticeForTrixie

Be sure to vote in our poll for who you think will win this season. Last week Katya took a commanding lead in our vote, followed by the now departed Max and Ginger! Who moved the needle this week?  Plus, be sure to check out the latest episode of ELIMINATION TRANSFORMATION with Jamie-Lynn as she transforms into Kandy Ho right here. Until next week, remember to have your drag queens neutered and spayed.