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    Sidney’s Game Guide – The House Of Black And White


    This could just be me, but does it seem like Game of Thrones this season has a different tone this season? Not for the bad, but different. I think it goes to the bleak nature of this season. Depending on where the season goes, we’ll see if that tone made the season feel unique or derailed it slowly.

    The show still looks incredible. Regardless of anything else going on, the look is stunning. Main props go out to the look of Drogon and the look of Sandstone, a place I look very forward to see more of.

    Glad to see Arya again, she finally makes it to where she thinks she wants to go and is rejected then things turn around when she proves her worth. I love Arya and every second we spend with her, but I do hope we get more of what’s going on in her head past revenge, she’s so much more well rounded of a character than just that and it comes off like that’s all she wants.

    Dany is an idiot. Just….just an idiot. At some point they need to stop teasing the whole, this isn’t working out as is, and go forward with it, cause this yo-yo act of Dany’s basic bitchness, is becoming tiresome.

    The interaction between Littlefinger, Sansa, and Brienne was interesting but isn’t Littlefinger AND Sansa trying to hide the fact that she is Sansa, cause um…not off to a great start if they are.

    House of Black and White, in summation.
    “Puberty is getting a bigger role in the Stark girls stories I see. Yeah…maybe a dye job and fake name isn’t JUST enough for Westeros Witness Protection. One handed or not….Jamie is still such a stud. Dany’s father was nuts….in case you forgot. Cersei running the kingdom, so the Hillary Campaign got another Game of Thrones’ spot, I see. Of all the crazies, Stannis’ wife might take the cake…and then talk about R’hllor with it. Dany makes Cersei seem fit to rule. “

    Well per usual this show has left me wanting so much more…bring on the next episode.

    Keep geek.


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