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Drag Queens

Talking Drag Race with Chiffon Dior: Episode Eight “Conjoined Queens”



Welcome back everybody to the best part of your Werk Week, Talking Drag Race with Chiffon Dior (That’s me!). This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race was one of the best in a long time, featuring a timely, pop culturally relevant mini-challenge, a shocking twist and great performances by everyone in the main challenge. Plus there was finally justice for…….well, let’s not go there yet.

So in a show built all around a shocking return of a former Drag Racer, the mini challenge also featured a return, the return of the beloved Latrice Royale, who revisited her famous role as a prison guard in Tuckahoe Prison. Walking quote machine Katya summed up everyone’s excitement perfectly.


“Latrice! It’s like seeing Sharon Stone except….you know, fat and black.” -Katya


The gals served their best Orange is the New (Why’s it gotta be) Black look with Kennedy emerging as the winner of the mini challenge.



And that is why you don’t drop the soap at Tuckahoe Prison.


Ru then reveals who the returning queen would be, Trixie Mattel! But then to the shock of all the girls, Ru didn’t just bring Trixie back but ALL the eliminated queens returned. And they were super excited to be back!


Of course, the existing queens were less than thrilled, even less so when they found out their fates were going to be tied (rather literally) to the returning queens. As the winner Kennedy gets to pair up all the current queens with one of the returning queens for the main challenge. So the queens need to doll up their partner to look like their twin sister…..their conjoined twin sister! *cue dramatic music* The teams wind up as….

  • Kennedy and Jasmine
  • Pearl and Trixie
  • Violet and Max
  • Fame and Kandy
  • Jaidynn and Tempest
  • Ginger and Sasha
  • Katya and Kasha

The teams get down to work and drama ensues between Ginger and Sasha with Sasha spending a lot of time “visiting with her neighbors” as my report cards in grade school used to say. Meanwhile Tempest and Trixie both do their best to make me cry, were my heart not blacked, by sharing painful stories, Tempest by talking about her time undergoing gay conversion therapy and Trixie by sharing how the name “Trixie” was used as an insult against her by her  stepfather.  Okay, so maybe I welled up a bit.



The runway competition was very stiff and at one point, Ross Matthews openly disagreed with Michelle Visage and for a moment, I legitimately feared for his safety. You can take the girl out of Jersey but you can’t take the Jersey out of the girl! So anyway, everyone looked really good but Pearl/Trixie and Violet/Max really shined.


Justice for Trixie prevails as she and Pearl win the challenge, returning the fan favorite to the competition while Jaidynn and Tempest, still joined at the ass are forced to lip sync against Ginger and Sasha to the Tiffany classic, “I Think We’re Alone Now”. I can’t even remotely do this lip sync justice. Fortunately, there is Katya.


“Ginger and Sasha are giving themselves a mastectomy on stage. Tempest and Jaidynn look like Larry Bird and Raven-Symone in a permanent butt-f*ck position. This is the most epic lip sync ever!” -Katya




Yeah so, anyway….the third time was the charm for Jaidynn as she was forced to sashay away but for the bulk of the fanbase, justice was finally served.


Be sure to vote in our poll for who you think will win this season. Last week Katya continued to lead in our vote, followed by  Ginger and Pearl! Who moved the needle this week?  Plus, be sure to check out the latest episode of ELIMINATION TRANSFORMATION with Jamie-Lynn as she transforms into Max right here. Until next week, remember to have your drag queens neutered and spayed.




Written By

Despite being a drag journalist for over five years, Chiffon only recently realized that she missed a golden opportunity back then to change her drag name to Rhoda Story.

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