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    Sidney’s Game Guide – High Sparrow


    So after the last couple of episodes I finally feel Game of Thrones is BACK! Tonight’s episode featured everything that I love about the show and I wanna try a new format in which I do that.

    The Most Awesome of the Things

    I remember when I first fell in love with Sansa. It was in season one and Joffrey (remember him?) made her look at father Ned’s (remember him?) decapitated head. She looks at it, then Joffrey, then the ground below and almost sacrifices herself to destroy Joffrey but is stopped by The Hound (remember him?). She had another moment like that when it seemed she was going to kill Roose but played a smarter game. Sansa is one of the best characters and this episode should leave no doubt about that. Love that this is another way to bring the Bolton’s back in to the show. I do think they are two of the most underappreciated aspects to the show.

    The scene with Margery and Cersei will haunt my passive aggressive dreams. Holy damn those two gave the camera every last thing that they had.

    The Good Stuff

    Jon Snow acted like a badass….finally. This stuff has been long overdue as it shouldn’t have made Jon acted so blah for so long. It feels like The Wall became the most happening place in the story.

    Arya’s first steps to being a faceless man (I guess it’s not 2015 in Braavos), but they happened in the most slow of ways, but in one of the absolute best sets possible. Like holy damn, the House of Black and White might have just earned that show a new Emmy.

    While the Tyrion stuff has been repetitive but finally getting somewhere. It’s really highlighting the really cool aspect of new character interaction.

    One final thing, the Margery Tommen stuff feels very creep but yet sweet all the same time.

    The Eh

    The High Sparrow Stuff…despite ALWAYS loving a Jonathan Pryce moment, felt forced and could have been introduced in a better paced of ways.

    Brienne had that amazing memory but still she and Pod seem to keep setting back their own relevance in the story, I’m sure it will build to something awesome, but till then it was a sweet moment that could have happened at a different time and still been as impactful.

    High Sparrow, in summation:
    “We want set design Emmys. Margery just had the ultimate ‘You can’t sit with us!’ moment. Margery Tyrell is an absolute gift and it’s cute when Cersei laughs at her own bitchy comments. Awww Renly…remember him…I miss her. Jon Snow might no nothing but gives no fucks. The show runners didn’t QUITE listen when we asked for more male nudity. Whores in Game of Thrones are into cosplay.”

    Well the ride has now begun and I cannot wait to see where it takes us!

    Keep geek.


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