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    Spencer’s Spotlight: Azealia Banks Takes on Los Angeles


    So last week I got to see Fleetwood Mac as you all might remember. An amazing show it was. Later that week I got to see another artist of mine that I love so dearly. On the second part of my annual concert series, I got to see Azealia Banks. I am a huge Azealia Banks fan. I think her music is insane, her rapping is the best in the world, her vocals are beautiful, her fashion is unclockable, and her creativity is just on another planet. Yes, she has surrounded herself with a large cloud of scandal and ugly Twitter fights. But if you are someone like myself, you are able to see through this cloud to analyze her artistry and listen to her message and appreciate her work as she intends it to be. So go back in time with me to the 16th of April, 2015 in the always fabulous Club Nokia in Downtown Los Angeles.


    So my friends and I have VIP Pit tickets because Azealia is a big deal and we wouldn’t settle for any less. We got there early because we wanted to get as close as possible. Apparently everyone else had that idea because the venue was crammed. We ended up getting a very good spot, we just weren’t against the rail. Lolawolf was the opening act for Azealia. I have never heard of them before but after seeing them live, I was pretty content. The singer was full of energy and it was a lot of fun. The way she banged on these drums was so electric, I still get excited thinking about it. Definitely a terrific opening act.


    Finally the lights dimmed and the show began. Azealia came out and the crowd was on fire. She started off with her song “Idle Delilah”. Seeing Azealia live and in person is just a treat because she sounds even more crazy in person. When you hear her raps, you always just gag knowing how sick of a rapper she is. She is so talented. But hearing it live is a whole new experience. She knocked out song after song, “Ice Princess”, “Heavy Metal and Reflective”, “Chasing Time”, “Wallace”, and more. She was going insane. The words were just flowing out of her and the crowd was responding with so much energy. She performed some of my favorites such as “1991”, and “Luxury”. We got to hear her vocals live which was important because these days you have so many fake artists acting like they know how to sing when they can’t. Azealia not only can sing, but she is a star when it comes to singing.


    Another huge treat was that Azealia did some of her old songs from the “Fantasea” mixtape. My favorite of all of them is of course “Esta Noche”. I was so thrilled to hear this song. My favorite performance of the night is of course her performance of “Yung Rapunxel”. You have not lived until you have seen her perform this song. It’s a super crazy song that is so violently appealing. I listen to it all the time. In the chorus of the song, Azealia is screaming out her lyrics and it sounds so scary but so cool. So in person, she screams these lyrics through  a megaphone into the microphone. It was so fun, I lost my mind.

    At the end of the show, Azealia closed out the show with of course, “212”. This song earns a lot of credit for putting Azealia on the map so it only made sense to put it last. The crowd was going crazy. Most of us were exhausted and in pain but we couldn’t care less we just kept dancing. She did amazing.

    All in all, it was a amazing concert. I think Azalea’s show was one of the best I have ever been to. My only complaint is that she didn’t perform “Soda”. WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ABOUT. I NEED THAT SONG IN MY LIFE…oh sorry…caps lock. But Azealia is an amazing performer and a amazing artist and I think anyone who doubts her should go see her because I believe with that kind of talent, she can change anyone’s minds.



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