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Drag Queens

ElloDrag Presents: Skarlet Starlet


Hi Friends,

I’m so excited to debut this new column: @ElloDrag Presents! I will be interviewing drag queens, drag kings, faux queens, club kids, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and anyone else who twists, blends, bends and transcends gender, all with the intention of creating unique content for the micro-community @ElloDrag.

I’m excited to feature my homegurl for life, Skarlet Starlet. You may recall my feature of Skarlet’s band LOVUR a while ago but now I want you to get to know a little more about the gurl behind the music.


How long have you been doing drag & what drew you to the art?

I’ve been doing drag for roughly 3 years, though to be honest that number doesn’t feel accurate. I think that’s in part due to the fact that it wasn’t until recently that I started to really take it seriously. I started out just fucking around and experimenting with makeup in front of a camera and now it’s turned into something so much bigger. But technically 3 years.

As for what drew me to the art, I’ve honestly always been intrigued with makeup and gender-bending people. My childhood idol was one of the biggest drag queens in the world: Marilyn Manson. I started playing with makeup at a very young age and would even wear it to class in middle school. I have trashy 90’s industrial Goth roots that later manifested in the form of drag/female impersonation. It just took some time for me to grow comfortable with myself and to embrace my more effeminate side.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

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ElloDrag Presents: Skarlet Starlet 79

I draw inspiration from everything. I’m an artist professionally, so I have to take in design 24/7 and I’ve come to notice it in everything. From architecture, to nature, to music, the most random things trigger visuals for me. Music is probably the biggest trigger. It sets a mood and my mind tends to generate visuals based on those feelings. Music videos are my favorite art medium. They are limitless; you can do absolutely anything with them. My favorite directors are Chris Cunningham and Mark Romanek. So many of their videos struck a chord with me as a kid. Made me take note of the artistry of film and visceral feelings it can create. They’re definitely two of my biggest inspirations.

Is there an interesting story behind your name?

I wanted something badass; something that sounded like a band name. Skarlet Starlet manifested from that idea. It kinda pays homage to Marilyn Manson.

You’re a singer/songwriter. Tell us about your musical projects thus far and what we can expect next.

I’ve been making music since I was 14. I started off with fruity loops and a shitty Walmart computer microphone [laughs]. It’s amazing how different the studio set up is now. I’ve worked on several musical projects independently over the years under an alias that no one will ever know about.

More recently I’ve formed a band with Daniel Cox called LOVUR. It’s a musical project that both of us have invested a lot of time and energy into. We started out with just one song we randomly recorded together in 2013. We had undeniable chemistry in the studio and the first song was very well received, so we decided to join forces and record an EP (available on iTunes and Spotify). Now we’re nearing completion of a full-length album and I cannot wait to share it. The sound that we crafted in our EP has evolved so much. I’m really proud of what we’ve done together. Expect it towards the end of 2015.

You recently worked with World of Wonder on a holy trinity of web series: “Ring My Bell”, “Besties For Cash” & the hit “Transformations” with James St. James. Tell us about that experience.

I had a blast at the studio. It was so different from how imagined. Even though I was well prepared I found it challenging to juggle getting ready, doing make up on someone else and having to be entertaining while filming. It’s all such a blur because everything was happening so fast I could barely think. I only had one hour and twenty minutes to get into full drag before I was taking calls on Ring My Bell. The WOW team was awesome; I got along with everyone very well. They made the atmosphere really comfortable.

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ElloDrag Presents: Skarlet Starlet 79

I loved getting to speak with people who follow me from around the world. I’m always so amazed by fans I have from the most random and obscure places on the globe. You never know who’s watching and from where.

If you could tell your 15 year old self one thing what would it be?

I wouldn’t tell that bitch shit, he’ll figure it out. I’d just appear out of now where and slap the shit out of him, then leave.

You’re a fellow audiophile – what is your favorite song or album of 2015 so far? What are you looking forward to coming out this year?

It’s still really early in 2015 so I’m eager to see what else comes out. I was a fan of the new Drake album. I’m eager to hear the new Rihanna, her albums have been consistently good since ‘Rated R’. I’m most looking forward to Lana Del Rey’s new album. I’m also hopeful for new albums from Class Actress and Radiohead.

What advice would you give to new queens or someone considering getting into the drag game?

Don’t do it.

You have a very popular YouTube channel and are also part of a high-profile collaboration channel: “PerfectAndrogyny”. What is the secret to your success and what was it like working with PA?

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ElloDrag Presents: Skarlet Starlet 79

If you produce quality content the rest will fall into place. I’m fortunate for what success I’ve had but I had to work really hard for it. That’s always at the root of any success, I suppose. It’s just all about believing in yourself and putting it out there for the world, all while trying your best.

That’s one thing I always loved most about PA. We were all so talented at not only the craft of drag, but in all areas of art. We all tried so hard to produce high quality work for YouTube. It created a really positive atmosphere for all of us to work in. We motivated each other and held ourselves to a certain standard. That was my favorite thing about working on PA. While each of us was totally different we all have artistic backgrounds and shared a good work ethic. We always stood out for that reason. Loved that project and have nothing but love for all the girls.

Make sure to pick up LOVUR’s album on iTunes or Spotify, like Skarlet on Facebook, follow her on Twitter & Instagram and subscribe to her channel on YouTube.

Your Homegurl for Life,
Sister Indica

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Sister Indica is many things: Senior Nunsense Correspondent for (where she is known for her Sister Indica Says column), sweet and sour host of the hit LGBT podcast JOY BOMB, writer/star of the audio soap opera Blazed All Our Lives, and supreme leader of Ello’s “Ello Drag” community…but above all that, she is Your Homegurl for Life™.

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