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Sidney’s Game Guide – The Gift


Game of Thrones is known for a lot of things: Action, intrigue, dragons but it should never be forgotten that this show is FULL of incredible acting. I think it fails to get noticed because sometimes the actors are so great at their characters that we forget we are watching people act.

The Most Awesome of Things

Sidney's Game Guide - The Gift 73

Five Words: Diana Rigg and Jonathan Pryce. You guys….wow. What a scene. What an absolutely wonderful scene that had so much to it I had to go back and re-watch. These two put on an acting clinic. They perfectly pushed forward a complicated story while at the same time giving the audience more details of the world this story is set in. Knowing more about this world is such an important aspect of the show. It helps to explain motivations, rationales, and reinforce the story. It has been the glue that holds it all together and given us a reason to really care about anything that goes on.

Lena Heady has been playing so many different faces this season and she is as fresh and inspired as she ever has as Cersei. When we found out she was given a prophecy that all three of her kids would die, she was able to make the character not just powercrazy but a new level of dangerous. We are watching her play a queen and a mother that doesn’t realize she cannot have it all, while desperate to make sure that prophecy does NOT come to pass. When she called Margery sister, especially after she threatened Margery when Margery called her the same. Those two together are truly captivating. It seemed inevitable that when Loras was arrested for sins of the flesh, that Cersei’s past would come back to bite her back and now it finally has and her son is out there with only highly trained Kingsguards to protect him…will that be enough?


I Liked It

Sidney's Game Guide - The Gift 74

I really did like the scene with Jorah in the pits because it finally gave us a new dimension to Dany. We have never seen her personally shocked. When she saw Jorah again she was cold to him but the hollowness of her dismissal shone through when you could tell part of her was relieved to see him cause then BOOM he has his gift which truly takes her back. Seeing where this major development in terms of character interaction is extremely exciting going forward. Will Tyrion truly be an advisor to her and what, if any, is Tyrion’s plan?

Sansa confronting Theon was heartbreaking for so many reasons. Alfie Allen has made Theon the most sympathetic character. He is a broken shell of a person. Even when you see Sansa by comparison, she has a sense of strength about her that Theon is lacking. Sansa has gone through the ringer and comes out stronger, Theon has been stripped of his ability to hope. Sansa is plotting something. That insert shot of her picking up the dagger needs to begin to hopefully calm people down that that think Sansa is nothing more than a victim. She’s as cunning as the rest of them.


Sam….I mean honestly….who cares? I feel the show thinks we are invested in this story and spoiler alert: we aren’t. I just wanted that storyline to end or be part of something interesting.
Sidney's Game Guide - The Gift 75

Not enough Stannis. I’m always happy to see Stannis but not sure we gained anything that we didn’t already know. I think we need more Melisandre because we’re missing something with her. If they don’t start going into what that is, the story will plateau. She’s gone from one of the most intriguing characters to…what else ya got? I just don’t want to see her bring Stannis’ story down.

The Gift, in summation,

“The old Targaryen is more interesting than the Sam Storyline hope they focus on him….oh. Sansa totally called Theon out for his shenanigans. Oh hey Brienne thanks for coming for an insert shot. The show WILL make you fall for Ramsey’s dimples. Sansa can get really prison ratchet. Melisandre is now that crazy ho that you shoulda ditched a while back, but she throws it far too well. We all need to make “Buggary” a more commonly used word. Is Tommen the Jeb Bush of Westeros? Yeah, I don’t blame you Myrcella, at absolute all. Dany wanted to feel her Gwyneth fantasy. Cersei brought her dead husband’s House Animal for Margery’s dinner because she’s that bitch. Cersei’s queensguard suck. We don’t know where Varys is and I’m starting to worry.”

Well if you’ve been complaining about things not happening all season….if you’re STILL complaining then you should stop watching the show because nothing will ever satisfy you going forward.

Keep geek.


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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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