That was, from start to finish, the greatest episode of Game of Thrones. Holy damn. What an episode of television.

Read. For. Filth.


I loved everything with Tyrion and Dany. Yes…I just said that. I loved it because someone, FINALLY, told Dany she’s been making mistake after mistake and needs to listen the hell up! It was so fascinating and wonderful how Tyrion compared him and her…one might wonder a bit more of that exchange. She still showed her ignorance or arrogance (or both) by sending Jorah away. She still has far to go. This was the greatest scene involving Dany yet. I loved as well that they shot on a different side of the Throne Room. It felt so different and made things seem more epic.

Breaking Reek…Again


Sansa is broken which has given her more power than ever. She is tapping into that anger but not a being monster. She is not letting being broken define her but using it as her strength to power through to conquer greater. The look on her face upon finding out her brothers are alive. Breaking Reek in a way that Ramsey never could was a brilliant.



Admit it, you want to see this sister trying to get Cersei to confess die a painful death. What a great use of Cersei, her lies catching up with her and her madness. Lena Heady was terrific here. Just outstanding. This is gonna come to an explosive finale I feel. I think something is coming we either didn’t expect to or that we never thought we’d see.

Get Yer Oysters

Arya’s scene was a game changer for her, she’s so close to getting to a major moment and we know now what is expected for her to get to the point of no return. I feel whatever happens next will be the moment we’ve wanted for Arya for a while. I also loved seeing some of the day-to-day workings of the world the show is set in. It was such a small detail that helped set everything perfectly.

The World beyond the Wall


Well it finally happened, we saw what there is to fear. We needed to see this to see what the stakes were and we know them. It made sense and we felt it too. It was violent, horrific to watch, and took that story to an entirely new level. What a sequence that must have been to film so kudos to the entire damn production, that’s award worthy television.


Hardhome, in Summation

“Jorah didn’t think there was worse place to be than the friend zone, bet he’s thinking twice about that. Ja’qen is either super seductive or insanely creepy and we might never know just which one is which. Never forget what a boss bitch Sansa is….because it’ll hurt too much when you’re proven wrong. Not that we miss him….but Joffrey would have NEVER taken this nonsense from the High Sparrow. It’s hard to decide who needed that water more, Cersei’s mouth or hair. If you ever wanted to know what a Dawn of the Dead/Titanic mashup would look like…you got that wish. That Whitewalker just did the most terrifying ‘Come at me Bro!”

More television should be as great as this. This was epic on a level normally reserved for movies, but this episode shows that the cinemas aren’t the only place for summer blockbusters.

Keep geek.