So much to follow up on considering last week and this episode was spectacularly done. It was a thrill ride to watch, but at its core heartbreaking.

The Most Awesome of Things

I think the build-up to what just happened with Stannis was fantastic…we never thought it would happen but it did. It was so quiet and horrid with the muted tone only enhancing the horror. The facial work here was incredible. The expressions reflected the true feeling at the core of what was happening.

Anytime we get to see the dragons in action, it’s always well done. The fighting pit sequence was everything awesome that Game of Thrones is when it focuses on high-level action sequences. We got the rise of Dany’s new small council and Dany finding a new level of control of her most vicious dragon. We have a lot of places to go here, we just need Dany back for it.



I Liked It

The Arya stuff was very transitional and it didn’t seem like the most valuable use of the time we spent. That said, I did really like that we’re bringing it back to Arya’s revenge that is truly what has motivated her story. It was a nice reminder of what has actually brought her to Braavos.


Gonna give the Wall a break because last week’s moment was so fantastic that this week they didn’t need to do much but have the Hardhome survivors return to the wall.


Dorne has really let me down. It feels like this should have been way more on Oberyn’s badass level but they are all kinda meh. Everything awesome about Dorne seemingly stopped right at Oberyn’s death. When we actually got to see this land of leisure….it seems a bit TOO laid back.

The Dance of Dragons, in summation:
“The ‘previously on’ and credits…it was six minutes, just felt that needed to be said. Princess Myrcella if you’re nasty. Shade comes from reading….didn’t know reading was another way to say Dorne. Lord Tyrell is the Harold Ziggler of Westeros. Stannis’ camp is quickly becoming this show’s Donnor party. The Unsullied have gotten a little lazy. The fire stunts team had a major moment! It’s nice to see some character development of Dany, she’s gone from crazy bitch to selfish bitch.”

What a strong episode 9 this was….and with the finale next week, I feel the landing of this season might hurt more than we thought.

Keep geek.