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    Penny For Your Thoughts: Glorious Horrors


    Hey Kids! Welcome back to the recap of the friendliest show on television! A beautiful tale of sex, blood, witches, werewolves, and more sex. This weeks episode of Penny Dreadful was full of a lot of “WTF” moments where you found yourself just yelling at the television. So, lets break down these moments!

    Episode 206

    Ethan has a visitor at the “safe house” and it turns out its the guy who had half his face ripped of by Werewolf Ethan… Well this is interesting. Basically the guy makes us feel uncomfortable in our own home and he basically threatens him and the people around Ethan. Why would you even want Ethan to go back to America with you? He turns into a monster and eats people? Duh.

    Lily making Frankenstein breakfast made me so mad. This relationship is so wrong and I catch myself constantly damning this show to hell whenever they kiss. HELLO SHE HAS LIKE THREE BOYFRIENDS RIGHT NOW.

    Ethan showing off his werewolf-skills in this episode was cool. But I don’t understand what he is trying to accomplish yet. Maybe he is hoping to learn how to control it…?


    The BALL. No, not a drag ball. But a ball celebrating the “coming out” of Angelique. Dorian threw this ravishing party that looks like so much fun. I am so jealous. But I was entirely pissed the whole time because Frankenstein is showing off Lily all around the ball without understanding that Dorian has had sex with Lily in her past life. No one recognizes her. I repeat. NO ONE RECOGNIZES HER. Are you serious? I will not be happy until someone understands in the show what the heck is going on. Not only that but the witches play mind games with Vanessa and she ends up standing in the room while it is raining blood. It was terrifying but also got me craving Gatorade…delicious.

    All in all, it was a good episode. But it made me very tense and irritated. If no one recognizes Brona soon I will be very upset. Ethan and her must come back together or I will die.

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