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Sidney’s Game Guide – Mother’s Mercy

Sidney's Game Guide - Mother's Mercy 73



Ok…so we should probably discuss things….Game of Thrones things…let’s just shake things up ’cause it’s the finale.

For the Watch

Y’all…Jon Snow. This climax might be the best payoff considering the build-up throughout the season. It was so obviously going to happen, but we didn’t want to believe it would; but it did and they freaking went for it. Obviously Jon’s death was a perfect note for them to end on. Is he dead? We’ll see. Don’t forget the red priest Thoros of Myr brought back Beric Dondarian seven times, and Melisandre did just return to the Wall. We shall see; but if Jon Snow is, in fact, dead…well done show…ya got us again.

….which leads me to my favorite moment of the episode…

The Fall of the Baratheons


Holy….freaking….damn. Everything….all of it…from start to finish – a perfect sequence. His wife killing herself made so much sense. When the camera panned out to show the battlefield, I had chills. When Brienne found Stannis, I was stunned. What a moment. I did not see that coming. Not even remotely. It was stunning, bold, and one of my favorite moments in Game of Thrones.

Winterjump, amiright?

So after all the stuff with Sansa this season she escapes…another hell….again. Was that the best they could do with her? Maybe it would have been better for her to try and kill Ramsey. It does somewhat feel like a step backwards for her story. I want to see what happens with her per usual but at this point, what’s left for her?

The Other Stark Girl

So Arya got the first name on her list and  – holy shit –  what a badass she was doing it! You would think she’d done that a million times. That was satisfying and a nice way to revisit her past. Maybe the writers are closing one door with her and kicking open a new door all “80’s movie awesome style.”

Back to Square One

Well great.  Everyone has found themselves in similar positions: Dany with the Dothraki, Jorah looking for Dany, Tyrion running a city that is about to fall apart. So yeah…Dany’s usual stand-still story jumped BACK….awesome. The good news though….Varys is back and I am actually intrigued to see where this stuff goes…preferably West…across the Narrow Sea.

I Am Your Father

Okay, so that was a much better showing from Dorne, bringing us closer to Cersei’s prophecy coming totally true. Two children down. What an awkward preceding scene, though; which I guess was the lore before such a heart-wrenching moment. This makes things far far more interesting for next season. Obviously this isn’t going to sit well and Prince Trystane might be um…well….the first for Cersei’s “new” silent Kingsguard….which reminds me…



Cersei finally cracked….haha…ok….no….she ALMOST cracked…she still kept her BIG secret that would undo the crown…but still. That punishment was her worst nightmare….but Cersei got through it and got a shiny new toy….which is obviously just her old toy with new clothes. I loved this because despite what a crazy bitch Cersei is, they still made you feel how painful it was to her.

Mother’s Mercy, in summation.

“You’re in for some shit if they show a first season clip in the ‘previously on’ segment. Yes. No one thought to watch Stannis’ wife. Holy shit what an epic wide shot. Stannis was killed by a sword made from the sword of the man who wanted him to be king. The internet is probably not gonna be bothered by the whipping girls sequence, the Sansa stuff….will still bug them. Arya might have been in Federal lock up in another life. Ellaria Sand is a BIG Poison Ivy fan. Worst Father’s Day ever. When Varys came back all felt right with the world. Any one think the Dothraki still call Dany Khaleesi….or is that just everyone else who can’t move on? COME ON BODY DOUBLE! That Sister Shame chick should use that for some after Pride Parades….you know who I mean…that one friend you have…oh you know her. How soon is Sister Shame about to get Oberyn’ed? Is Jon REALLY shocked his squire shanked him….that one shoulda made the most sense. I am not gonna believe Jon Snow is dead until they say it and you can’t make me!”

Final Thoughts on Five

So how does this season stack up? It really did take its time getting to where it wanted, but I think the payoff was well worth it. Obviously we have a lot to follow up with next year, but I think the tone and new interactions have opened up so many possibilities. I do think this was a transitional season, albeit a very solid one, but transitional nonetheless.


“Sidney’s Game Guide” will return to cover the next season of Game of Thrones.

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Sidney Stokes lives in an loft apt in the gayborhood of New Nerd City on the Planet Pop, but outside of his head…he lives in Los Angeles where his interests are as vast as and spread out as LALA Land.

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