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I swear, 2015 has been an incredible year for new music and Róisín Murphy officially has a rival for Album of the Year: Will Butler’s “Policy”. Like Murphy’s “Hairless Toys”, “Policy” has 8 tracks which is super old school and such a relief from pop music’s overstuffed Deluxe albums, some pushing 20 tracks!  Will the children ever learn the important lesson of QUALITY and not QUANTITY?  I mean, this is music we’re talking about – NOT MAKEUP.

Get into “Policy” by Will Butler, member of Arcade Fire and younger brother to the lead singer Win. The musical ground covered in these 8 tracks is impressive: funk, punk, 50’s rock, 60’s soul, 90’s grunge, Beatles-esque ballads and even a song that sounds like it could have been in Hairspray the musical (the exuberant album closer “Witness”).

It’s a short album. It’s 8 tracks clock in at only 27 minutes, but it goes down fast and easy (don’t even think about making a joke…you know I’m a lady). Recorded over two weeks in Jimmy Hendrix’s bedroom at Electric Lady Studios, the album has received mostly rave reviews. I honestly don’t understand any of the negative critiques because to me, this is an album with zero flaws…but I’m also not some asshole hipster like most music reviewers.  You won’t be seeing me sipping a latte in skinny jeans (at size 16, calling them “skinny jeans” is downright CRUEL).

Get the album on iTunes and catch him on tour!  It’s not exactly an Arcade Fire album but it is certainly Arcade Fire adjacent and sometimes, that’s good enough.  In the case of “Policy”, it’s not just good – it’s GREAT.

Stand-out tracks: ALL OF THEM

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