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Penny For Your Thoughts: Little Scorpion


Hey all you party people! Another week, another Penny Dreadful. What happened this week you ask? Well, some yays and definitely some nays. So lets talk about it!

Ethan recovers from transforming into the Wolf-man in front of Malcolm’s servant. What is your name anyways sir and what do you do around here except be here and occasionally fight?


So Vanessa is scared to hell by the witches and decides that she needs to get out of here. Malcolm throws a fit because that is what people are doing these days on this show. Vanessa decides to hide out in the Cut-Wife’s cottage. I think that’s a good idea…?

Ethan and Vanessa go to the cottage and they start playing house. Vanessa teaches Ethan how to dance. They pick berries. Randomly Ethan realizes there is a full moon out so and goes and eats some sheep. Not a big deal to anyone though. One night there is some serious lightning and it strikes this shanty cottage, creating a serious fire. As soon as the two put it out, they start making out? NO! Stop it! Get off of each other. Ethan needs to find Lilly. Vanessa needs to be in love with me. What is happening?! The devil then comes out on cue and Vanessa snaps away from Ethan…okay.


Meanwhile Lilly is going out with Dorian Grey. Oh…our dear Dorian. This whole situation is odd because Lilly slept with Dorian in the past life but ended up dating Ethan who is now making out with Vanessa but she died and was brought back by Frankenstein who she is now having sex with who is also calling Lilly his cousin all while Dorian is in a relationship with Angelique. Oh my. Of course, the Frankenstein monster see’s this date happen and he looks pissed. Lets hope he doesn’t rip anyone in half again… This is bad.


Lilly then goes out and finds some random old guy, has sex with him, and then chokes him to death…



We then witnessed Vanessa and Ethan being bullied by the guy who burnt the Cut-Wife a few episodes back. Vanessa then does black magic later and he ends up being eaten alive by the hounds. Ethan gets really upset at her because now her soul is dark…. Ethan please shut up. Vanessa killed one jerk.  Don’t make her feel any worst than she already does. Plus, the devil lives inside of her. How innocent is her soul anyways. Have you seen the way she has sex with people?


All in all, Vanessa and Ethan keep your hands and feet to yourself…. oh and your mouths. I want to dance with Vanessa. Dorian you skank. Lilly what are you doing with your life right now and why did you pick this man of all people. Vanessa you go girl. Release the hounds Nikolai!!

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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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