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    Sister Indica Says WATCH THIS: “Evil Eyes” by Roisin Murphy



    Hi Friends,

    Big things are happening for Róisín Murphy this year so expect to hear a lot about her from me.

    I’ve had some time since the release of Hairless Toys to really digest it and let it become part of me. Its layers continue to unfold and the visual work we’re getting from it help to show us more sides to the piece. And that’s why we’re gabbing today…there is a new video for one of my favorite tracks off the 8-track masterpiece: “Evil Eyes”.

    Like the video for “Exploitation”, “Evil Eyes” was directed by Róisín. We now see there is a story being told, which wasn’t as apparent with having one video out. In “Exploitation”, we meet the main character: an actress who is being pushed very hard to perform and meet her commitments while at the same time mentally unraveling. She is in love and it appears her lover or husband is pushing her the hardest, despite the obvious signs that she is not well.

    “Evil Eyes” takes us to this woman’s home. She’s a mother of two young children (one boy and one girl) and her unraveling continues at an alarming rate…and the descent into madness can no longer be ignored.   She acts out in various ways…setting fire to her bed when her sexual advances are rebuffed, being brought home by a police officer after doing God-knows-what.

    In “Exploitation” it was clear that this actress was suffering…but in “Evil Eyes” we see that the children are suffering much more this time around – Róisín’s character is already gone. The confusion and sadness the children feel while watching their mother fall to pieces is clear: her son reaches for blurred projections of his mother’s face…her daughter stands forlornly in front of a full-length mirror, suggesting she may fear a similar fate for herself.

    Ultimately, Róisín’s character is drugged and brought to a mental hospital. If this is a continuation of the story, there is no telling what the next chapter holds or which of the songs on the album will be it’s soundtrack.  I’m secretly hoping it’s for “House of Glass” and that we get some of this main character’s backstory…perhaps in a surrealistic delirium while she is still inside the mental facility?

    What did you think of the new video?  Are you loving that Róisín has taken full creative control?

    Your Homegurl for Life™,

    Sister Indica

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