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    Courtney Gets Into Alaska’s “Anus”

    In February, I got to chat with everyone’s favorite Glamtron resident, Alaska Thunderfuck. During our interview, she told us how excited she was about releasing her very first album. Now, Alaska’s “Anus” is finally here for all to enjoy! I was lucky enough to speak to her again to get all the details!

    Courtney Conquers: You’ve been so busy! How are your travels going?

    Alaska Thunderfuck: Good. I love hotel rooms.

    CC: You managed to squeeze the last two hours of Drag Con into your busy schedule! How was that brief experience for you?

    AT: This was the first ever Drag Con, so it was a sort of trial run… and it was amazing. I can’t wait to see how much this grows and explodes exponentially each year. It’s so cool and I’m so glad to be alive on Earth in a time when this is happening.

    CC: Has it been difficult traveling so much and preparing for your album to drop all at once?

    AT: Yes. It’s a lot of work, but it is my calling and my mission and my purpose in life.

    CC: You play a huge part in writing your own lyrics and choosing how your songs will sound. Where do you get your inspiration or song ideas?

    AT: Inspiration comes from all sorts of places. Sometimes things come to me during meditation periods of silence. Other times it comes from doing mundane but necessary things like cleaning my makeup brushes or doing the laundry.

    CC: Do you have any weird song writing rituals?

    AT: Black tea. RedBull. Chipotle.


    Anus album cover (Photo by Austin Young)

    CC: How long did it take you to write the songs and put the album together?

    AT: I’m not sure, but it was a long process. You don’t want to rush these things. They have to happen naturally.

    CC: You’ve released records before, but this is your first full album. Do you have special plans for its release and promotion?

    AT: Yes. My ANUS will be swallowing the planet whole.

    CC: Is the album only available as an mp3 download, or will fans be able to purchase actual CD’s?

    AT: Yes, there will be physical CDs. That’s so important because I love physical CDs a lot.

    unnamed (6)

    Video stills courtesy of director Jayson Whitmore

    CC: Have you already planned out some music videos, or will you roll with the punches depending on which songs people like best?

    AT: It’s a surprise.

    CC: Most of the songs on the album have a really fun, upbeat sound, but there are a few that are more slow and serious. What was the over all mood you wanted the album to have?

    AT: I wanted the album to correspond with the chakra systems of the body. So there are ass-shaking songs like Anus, and there are inspirational, uplifting songs like Everything Tonight, and then there are songs about death and the afterlife and the spirit, like Legendary. Plus I’m really visual so I wanted a lot of different sounding songs so I could have a bunch of different looking videos.

    CC: Many of the songs are about things specifically related to the drag world. Was this purposeful to keep your music different from other dance hits, or did you just write what you know?

    AT: I love drag. I love beauty. I love glamour. So I write what I know and what I love.

    Anus album cover (Photo by Austin Young)

    CC: The world has already heard live versions of “Hieee” and “This is My Hair” and everyone loves them. Does it ever make you nervous to think about how they’ll like the studio versions in comparison?

    I definitely like to keep an element of improvisation in my live performances, so they always sound a little different in a live setting. But with the studio versions you can hear me whispering sweetly in your ear on the bus.

    CC: Do you have a favorite song on the record? Why is that one your favourite?

    AT: I can’t pick a favorite. It’s like having a favorite child. It’s impossible. I love them all in their own ways.

    unnamed (4)

    Video stills courtesy of director Jayson Whitmore

    CC: I really like the sound of “Pussy”. People might look at the title and assume the song is sexual, but you’ve made it into an uplifting kind of track! It’s also based on one of my favorite Alaska catchphrases. What was your inspiration for this song?

    AT: Viktor Belmont, my favorite trans man porn star. He inspired the song, but it’s really a song about loving who you love, loving yourself, and loving everyone.

    CC: “Legendary” talks about a near-death experience (I’m hoping it’s not one you actually had!). What message did you want to communicate with this song?

    AT: Yes, there was a plane that almost went down. And in that moment I found a stillness and a calmness and a lack of fear. We’re all in this together and no one gets out alive so let’s have a fun time.


    Anus album cover (Photo by Austin Young)

    CC: Fans have been really excited to see other queens featured in your songs, and also to see you featured in theirs. What’s the best part about collaborating with your fellow Drag Race sisters?

    AT: I love collaborating with other artists, whether it’s with other queens or directors or actors or dancers or whatever. It’s more like a party when a shoot has lots of people all wanting to have a good time and showcase what they do.

    CC: Is there a worst part about collaborating with them?

    AT: No!

    unnamed (5)

    Video stills courtesy of director Jayson Whitmore

    CC: Who’s been your favorite queen to work with on collaborations so far?

    AT: I work with Willam and Courtney a lot because they’re very professional and hard working and we all look at things in a similar way. So I look forward to more of that.

    CC: If you could collaborate with absolutely anyone in the future, queen or otherwise, who would it be?

    AT: I’d love to sing a song with Michelle Visage. Maybe a love song. Or maybe a song about “my man is leaving me for you” like “Same Script Different Cast”.

    CC: People didn’t believe you about the album’s name at first, but I’m excited to see that you weren’t joking! What motivated you to call it Anus?

    AT: There was simply no other word for such an important and momentous event in my life.

    unnamed (2)

    Anus album cover (Photo by Austin Young)

    CC: Tell us about the cover art! Was this picture from a whole shoot that we’ll see other images from, or did you take one shot and say “this is it”?

    AT: I did a shoot with Austin Young. I showed up and said “I’m going to shoot the album cover for a drag album while wearing virtually no makeup. Ready?” And he was amazing and totally took it where I envisioned it going. There will be more images I promise.

    CC: You’re touring with two different shows this summer! What can fans look forward to seeing at The Gayest Show Ever?

    AT: I’m jam-packing everything gay into this little one-hour show. Golden Girls, Sondheim– the works.

    CC: Are you enjoying performing with such funny characters at the Drag Queens of Comedy shows?

    AT: I was stunned and speechless when I first got on the bus and saw Lady Bunny and Coco Peru and Jackie Beat sitting there. I’m very intimidated by these legendary people and I look up to them greatly but they’re so fun to work with and I can’t wait to do it again.

    unnamed (7)

    Anus album cover (Photo by Austin Young)

    CC: Can fans look forward to seeing you perform any of your new material on either of these tours?

    AT: Yes.

    CC: What do you see yourself doing music-wise in the future? Can we look forward to more albums?

    AT: Who knows. I need to birth this one first.

    CC: Thank you so much for letting me grill you again! I am literally counting down the days until I can blast Anus out the car window past young families and senior citizens. Good luck, and I love YOUR pussy!

    AT: Thanks for talking with me and… ANUS.

    Buy Anus on iTunes here

    Buy Anus on Amazon here

    Watch the music video for This is My Hair here

    Watch the official music video for Hieeee here

    Watch the unofficial music video for Hieeee here

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