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Penny For Your Thoughts: Memento Mori


Hey all you Witches and Warlocks… this weeks episode of Penny Dreadful was straight up crazy! The show has been a little slow lately so this episode definitely caught me off guard. This episode was full of demons, voodoo, death, and feminism yeah!

Sir Malcolm had an interesting episode. Malcolm and his group of comrades (minus Vanessa and Ethan because they are still in that cottage way out somewhere) were discussing the plot of these evil forces wanting Vanessa Ives. I wasn’t too sure what we came to as a bottom line because my subtitles weren’t on but from what I could gather… the Witches are hunting Vanessa so that they can give her to the Devil. But it really didn’t take all of this research to tell me that to be honest. Malcolm then ends up being possessed and smashing the table. It’s obvious that Evelyn is responsible for this mess. Malcolm then ends up in a room dancing with his dead wife and children… so he has lost it… Sir Malcolm welcome to crazy club. But he breaks Evelyn’s spell and gets pretty upset. Later on in the episode Sir Malcolm loads up his gun and goes to Evelyn’s house to kill some witches. Hell yeah! Finally some action. I would recommend a AK-47 though and maybe not the pistol sir… Unfortunately he didn’t take my recommendation and got clocked by a witch and ended up being captured. Evelyn then makes up this story which I don’t know if I believe or not but she acts like she wants to be with him and Malcolm says he will be with her if she lets Vanessa live… As punishment Malcolm is to hang out with his dead family but this time they are not dancing, nor dance fighting but just plain old fighting. Great.


The Frankenstein situation couldn’t be any worse. The Monster beats up Frankenstein threatening him saying Lilly is his. Which if you have been watching since the beginning you know that this could all be debated… Frankenstein wants to move away with Lilly so he doesn’t get killed and probably so he could use her as his sex toy which is not so cute. Meanwhile Lilly is going out with Dorian Grey again and talks to dead men she has slept with.


Usually this is the part I put in a confused Nicholas Cage picture… The Monster sneaks up on Lilly and tells her she is to be his but then all of a sudden Lilly becomes Rosy the Riveter and slaps the biggest book of feminism on the Monsters Head saying she refused to be property of any man and that she was put on Earth to rule and that she is to love the Monster because he is hideous but also someone that is to rule by her side….. Now  cue the confused Nicholas Cage Picture…


Dorian Grey… Oh our dear beautiful Dorian… Dorian… Oh Dorian…


What are you doing with your life? Dorian goes out with Lilly as I mentioned earlier and leaves Angelique at home.. Hmmm…. Now I am a taken man and I know that my girlfriend wouldn’t be stoked to see me go out with some girl who used to be a prostitute in her past life. So Angelique really didn’t even have to say something because we all knew how she felt. While he was gone Angelique found Dorian’s creepy corridor with the famed Portrait of Dorian Grey. I can not tell you all how excited I was for this moment. I have been waiting for this moment since the beginning of the show. Dorian comes in and see’s Angelique and explains that the person in the portrait is who he is and is what makes him…Dorian. He then asks if Angelique will love him regardless and for some reason she says yes… okay? They cheers and drink. Turns out Dorian poisoned her drink and she dies. Are you serious right now! I did not see that coming from him. Well…. I did. But I didn’t think he would just kill her like she was nothing. The Portrait of Dorian Grey is one of my all time favorite books and this scene really hit home for the literature. We finally got to see the portrait and what we saw was a grey looking man hunched over…chained…and terrifying looking. Not exactly how it goes in the book but I still understood the reference. Basically, this portrait is what keeps him so young and beautiful. What we see in this portrait is really who Dorian is. In the story it is literally a portrait which grows scarier and more evil as Dorian slowly falls into corruption… So the confusing part is… This portrait is already terrible so I am kind of confuse how that works. So possibly, I would guess Dorian is actually very old. Probably older than Malcolm if not older and I feel like his whole life must have been laced with this corruption. Oh I love this. We will have to watch the rest of this season which is almost over, to see how this plays out!


Until next time, keep your Ouija Boards and prostitutes at home!

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Penny For Your Thoughts: Memento Mori 75


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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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