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Coming soon to earholes across the world is the long-awaited album “Downstairs at Gerbil’s” by performance artist Jer Ber Jones. One of the most anticipated tracks from the album has just been released via SoundCloud for your entertaintment: “Face vs. Hole”, which, according to Jer Ber, was “inspired by the recent Supreme Court debate and ruling of current Gay Marriage Rights, human rights, June 26, 2015.”

The upbeat track features Jer Ber dueting with the man behind the tranimal: Robbie Daniels. However, this is not the first time both sides of her personality have collaborated.  For long-time fans, “Face vs. Hole” will feel like the long-awaited follow-up to “Tubesocks vs. Tubetops”, just with more depth.  When asked to describe what the new song was about, Jer Ber had this to say:

“People are always fighting, fighting is good to make progress. Now shut the fuck up and let people be who they are. Diversity [is] truly a blessing and entitlement for everybody to invest in. Good for the soul, good for the hole. The ear hole. The eye hole, the heart hole.”

Jer Ber Jones

“Everybody, please, try to relax.”

I’ll be sitting down with Jer Ber for a more formal interview once the new album is released (and by the way, she is currently seeking a distribution deal, so…get on that if you can).  For now, enjoy the new song featuring one of my favorite JBJ lines ever: “Your Granny contacted me from the grave. She had a warning: You’d better shut your face!”

Pre-order “Downstairs at Gerbil’s” now and tell a friend!  Supporting independent art is good for the soul…and the hole.

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