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Penny For Your Thoughts: Season Finale 3


Penny For Your Thoughts: Season Finale


Well my friends, we have reached the end of our journey through this season of Penny Dreadful. I find it so amusing to think about where we started in this show… shooting vampires, smelling flowers, occasionally sex driven possession… but now look at us! We are…. oh… dear…. Our characters are basically screwed…. The finale was a great episode but really… Why you got to do us like that Showtime? Lets talk about it and grab your broomsticks because it’s a mess out there in London/Hell…


So picked up right where we left off. Ethan is literally nibbling on our good friend Sembene… Oh! I remember why I went to bed upset last Sunday. I feel bad for ever doubting Sembene’s importance on this show. He was a great guy who had a great heart who was just trying to undo the sins he has made in his life. R.I.P Sembene…. you did NOT have to die like that… *shakes head*


Sir Malcolm and Frankenstein are closer to crazy town then ever before. They are being shaken by troubling visions of their past and present. Sir Malcolm’s family is telling him to slit his throat while Frankenstein’s creations are telling him to kill himself with a needle… AND THAT IS NOT OKAY I AM SCARED OF NEEDLES SO NO GET AWAY.


Vanessa is in the Doll Chamber with Evelyn and the Doll that looks like Vanessa. Suddenly the doll is speaking to Vanessa… It’s “The Master”…. If you didn’t turn your television off at this point due to fear then I commend you. The Master basically tells Vanessa that he wants her soul and will promise her happiness if she is to willingly give him her soul. Meanwhile we find out that Evelyn was surrendering Vanessa’s soul to The Master for the promise of Eternal life which would probably explain why Chiffon Dior and Poppy Fields want to drive me to the countryside this summer. Vanessa is shown a vision of her and Ethan with their imaginary children. This vision almost drives Vanessa to give her soul but instead her and The Master bust into a devilish tongue fight.. Vanessa wins and the doll smashes while scorpions start crawling out of it. Evelyn Poole instantly starts loosing all of her beauty and probably does the best blood curdling scream I have ever seen on television. She raises her huge knife and gets ready to strike Vanessa but Evelyn’s daughter witch lets Ethan out. Ethan comes running out and claws a nice chunk out of Evelyn and she dies instantly…. Are you serious! All of the tension this season only for us not being able to see what this women can do! The pay off of Evelyn’s character was not there and I am so upset. I wanted to see this women go bananas and kill something or grow wings and morph into a demon or something. Nope, she died as soon as Wolf Ethan came out. A simple bitch slap and Evelyn is down for the count. Hmmmm. Ethan runs to Vanessa ready to kill her but like almost all werewolf movies, the wolf can’t just kill the hot leading women role. Oh! Let’s also mention Lyle shooting that one witch daughter. I am starting to like that little fellow!


Meanwhile, Mr.Clare is still locked in that cage by that weird family. They are telling him he is going to be the king of the freak show and any new freaks! How sweet. Well, Mr.Clare doesn’t think so and he smashes through the bars, snaps the wife’s neck, and smashes the husbands head into the wall several times until his face looks like my dreams of a Evelyn Poole payoff; shattered and hopeless. To make things even better, he lets the blind daughter figure out what happened for herself. That is gangster. I think I actually liked Mr.Clare for a moment… My heart just grew three sizes…

Victor Frankenstein is tripping after his experience at Evelyn’s castle. He goes to his lab to find Lilly but of course she is still at Dorian’s… Oh Dorian. Our dear Dorian. Victor runs to Dorian’s home in a terribly bad mood. Dorian and Lilly are seen dancing around the room in all white which is quite confusing because… it was cute? Victor runs in and demands Lilly comes home. Lilly and Dorian gang up on Victor basically saying no. So… Victor shoots Lilly. Which was a mistake because… she can’t die! Wait! I knew she was technically already dead but I did think a bullet would at least ruin her mood. Victor then shoots Dorian and that also does not work. Victor gets out of there while Dorian and Lilly dance around in trails of blood talking about ruling the world as immortals. Greeaaaaaaat. Victor is later seen at home losing his mind again with addiction and let me just say it is hard to watch… I feel sick just thinking about it.


The daughter of Evelyn Poole is shown leaving the house with some of Evelyn’s tools. She razes the house while humming a beautiful sounding song. But really, this signifies who the antagonist will be next season I am guessing.

Sir Malcolm returns to Africa so he can bury Sembene. Just in case you were wondering.

Ethan and Vanessa have a awkward chat. Vanessa tries to open up to him but it seems like Ethan is so deep in depression and embarrassment that he leaves to go face his sins. Ethan goes back to that detective, and confesses to the murders of that bar. Somehow Ethan didn’t see this coming, but he gets shipped off to America. Well Ethan, you have made another poor decision. How are you going to run into Brona now?

The episode ends with everyone being in a state of depression. Vanessa is alone, Mr.Clare wants to be loved as always (so he sails to the Arctic for some reason), Ethan is on a boat to America, Malcolm is also on a boat, Victor is battling anxiety, depression, and addiction, and Lyle is no where to be shown. That is how the season ends…. Wait what! I am supposed to wait a year to find out what is going to happen. I have to wait a year to know if any of these characters are going to have another positive day?

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All in all, it was a great season. I think that in the middle of it, some episodes dragged on. I mean lets be real, there was an episode just dedicated to characters having sex. No story progression was made at this time. But the story was interesting and I think we are set up for a eventful season next year. I wish that Patti LuPone’s character might have had more of a existence but at the same time I appreciate how that ended. I wish that Evelyn Poole’s character had a bigger pay off. She ran a big part of this show for two reasons so I don’t think she should have been sent out by a quick bitch slap via werewolf.  On a positive note, the acting was amazing and the stories were all portrayed in such a way that made all of the original Penny Dreadful’s proud.  I love this show with all my heart and I am proud to say that I cannot wait for next year. This show is created in such a elegant way where you can appreciate the classic, elegant feelings of Victorian London yet at the same time fear the night and indulge in such dark stories. Plus, Eva Green is one of the best actresses alive and I stand by that. It has been a ball rambling about this show each week for you all and I hope to ramble some more next year for you as well. Until then, keep your werewolves indoors, and your devilish tongues classy. Have a lovely week everyone!

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Spencer is a Designer, Event Planner, and Television Nerd in Los Angeles; not to be confused with his look-alike... Chris Pratt. When Spencer isn't talking about fashion, he spends most of his free time eating burgers, hoarding Funko Pop-Vinyls, and talking your ear off about Game of Thrones.

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